Penis Enlargement Surgery: The Big Questions

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How does penis enlargement surgery make penises bigger?

Penis enlargement surgery can increase both the length and thickness of a penis. It is made longer by cutting the suspension ligament which frees up hidden length and makes the penis hang lower. The thickness is improved in a fat transfer procedure with fat taken usually from the stomach. Increases of around 2 inches in thickness and length are possible.

Can penis enlargement surgery increase performance?

Men choose penis enlargement surgery to increase self-confidence. When this self-confidence is boosted it can increase sexual performance. This is because the increased confidence makes men feel better about themselves and less conscious of how their partner will view their penis. Men feel that if their penis is small they will not be able to satisfy their partner sexually. This can lead to anxiety and withdrawals from sexual relationships.

Is penis enlargement surgery worth it?

If penis enlargement leads to increased self-confidence then the cost of this type of surgery can be very worthwhile. Many men put off sexual relationships because they feel that their penis is too small. In worst cases, men have considerations such as micropenis which can have a devastating effect on young men.

Is penis enlargement surgery widely available?

In the UK there are a small number of Urologists who specialise in penis enlargement surgery. It remains a procedure which is not widely available in the UK, but there are a few centres that specialise in this type of surgery. It is not available on the National Health Service as it is considered a cosmetic procedure. Despite this, many men have ongoing problems in their sex life because they feel that their penis is too small.

How long does penis enlargement surgery take?

Surgery to increase penis size takes around one hour. In that time it is possible to increase both the length and thickness of the penis. The operation is usually carried out by a Urologist and under general anaesthetic. This procedure can also be combined with other male genital cosmetic procedures such as scrotoplasty or circumcision.

Is penis enlargement surgery safe?

Penis enlargement surgery is carried out under general anaesthetic and as such your medical history will be investigated to ensure that you are fit enough for this surgery. All surgery carries risks of course and your Urologist will explain these at your consultation. Most men who choose penis enlargement surgery are prepared to accept those risks because they are held back in their personal relationships due to their penis size.

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