Penis Girth Fat Transfer versus Penis Filler

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Let’s get to the truth about penis enlargement girth enhancement options. Let’s try and separate the truth from the myths.

In the United Kingdom, there are mostly two ways that are used to increase penis girth. The first is a surgical fat transfer and the second is penis fillers, using hyaluronic acid.

A surgical fat transfer still remains the gold standard way to increase penis girth and is chosen by most men seeking to increase penis girth. Most Patients choose this because of the following reasons

  • They want permanent results
  • The fat is thicker than the filler, meaning results are more pronounced with a fat transfer over a dermal filler
  • Some men don’t like the idea of foreign material inside their penis

When performed properly, usually by a Urologist for penile enhancement, the results are permanent.

All leading Urologists and Plastic Surgeons will confirm that the fat transfer procedure result is permanent.

Some penis enlargement providers claim the results only last a matter of a few months. We would advise avoiding such providers and choosing clinics that back up what science already knows.

When Urologists perform fat transfers to the penis, they put into the penis the maximum amount of fat that the penis will safely take. This is because 30 to 50 % of the fat WILL absorb in the first three months. Not all fat cells survive the journey from the belly and inner thighs to the penis. However, the remaining fat then gathers its own blood supply and becomes living tissue.

In the short term, a fat transfer to the penis is a more expensive option than penis filler. In the medium to long term, however, it is much cheaper.

Dermal fillers are mostly used on the face to fill in wrinkles and plump up the cheeks and lips. Moorgate Andrology was the first penis enlargement clinic to introduce penis fillers to the United Kingdom around no years ago. To date, we have performed more penis enlargement than any other European provider.

Penis Fillers can be an attractive option for the following reasons

  • It’s a non-surgical way of adding more penis girth
  • Less downtime than the fat transfer option
  • Costs less initially than a penis fat transfer

It’s the ease of the process and the low cost that attracts men to penis fillers. Statistically, though, about 30 to 40 % of all penis filler patients go on to have a fat transfer to the penis at some point, since they get fed up with coming back to have the top-up treatments. Eventually, patients surpass the cost of the fat transfer option, but they still have temporary results. Of course, some men have very deep pockets, and they don’t mind the ongoing cost of the top-up treatments. They find it very easy to get done with little downtime, and this suits their busy lifestyle.

Good results can be obtained with penis filler and most men start with about 10 to 15 mls. This generally gives flaccid and erect girth increases of between 1 and 2cm, depending on penis length. This is where a fat transfer scores heavily over filer because the thickness of the body fat achieves flaccid and erect girth increases of between 2.5 to 5 cm for most patients, even after the initial fat absorption.

Of course, by adding more filler ins stages it is possible to achieve some very impressive girth gains, but this means additional cost in terms of the filler.

Most penis fillers last between 12 and 24 months before they need topping up again with about half the amount injected in the first treatment. This is why they are called “top-up treatments”.

Over the past few years, the cost of penis filler in the United Kingdom has come down in cost, which is good news for patients given it needs to be injected in large quantities compared to the face, for example.

However, there is a worrying trend of unregulated filler being used and some filler actually contra-indicated for the genitals by the manufacturers themselves.

Here is a checklist you can run through if you are thinking of having penis filler

  • Is the Doctor a Specialist Urologist on the GMC register for Urology? You are paying for the treatment so why accept anything less?
  • Does the Filler have a CE mark?
  • Is the filler contraindicated for the genitals?

Here is a checklist for penis fat transfer girth surgery

  • Is the Doctor a Specialist Urologist on the GMC Specialist register for Urology? (Essential for penis enlargement surgery)
  • Is the clinic a specialist penis enlargement provider, or a general cosmetic surgery clinic? Ask yourself, and them, how many penis enlargements are performed if this is a general cosmetic surgery clinic. Most of these clinics are mainly carrying out breast surgery.
  • Does the clinic have a bias towards penis fillers? Such clinics will usually dismiss fat transfer surgery as unsuccessful or outdated. Focus on clinics offering all procedures and have a positive viewpoint about all of them. In these clinics, you will get an unbiased opinion and a focus on what you want as an individual rather than what the clinic wants to provide you.

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