Discussing Penis Enhancement with your Partner

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If you are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, it’s important to get past your awkward feelings and talk things over with your partner. Erectile dysfunction is a problem that comes with many solutions – and it starts with the two of you. Look for a way to move beyond the stress and work together. If you are in a relationship, erectile dysfunction isn’t just happening to the man – it’s happening to the couple. If both partners face it together, they can prevent erectile dysfunction from pushing them apart.

What you need to know about Erectile Dysfunction

When you and your partner talk about the situation, you will both want to keep in mind some key things about erectile dysfunction. Read on for more.

1 – Don’t blame yourself

Men with erectile dysfunction need to know that this isn’t their fault, and their partners need to know the same thing. At the end of the day, it’s not because of something that either of you did or didn’t do. There is no one to blame and no need to apologise.

2 – It’s not because he isn’t turned on enough

Partners need to know that they won’t be able to cure erectile dysfunction if they just try harder in the bedroom. In general, adding some sparkle to your sex life is fine, but sex toys and a spending spree at Victoria’s Secret will not solve erectile dysfunction.

3 – It’s very common

One major study estimates that at least half of all men have some degree of erectile dysfunction. And it gets more common as you get older.

4- It’s treatable

Erectile dysfunction is not a crisis, it’s a speed bump. It is treatable through numerous different ways, and you can solve it.

What you can do right now

Talk to each other

Think about what you want to say and then choose a good moment – over a glass of wine or on a walk. Talk about how you feel and be ready to listen. Focus on how you want to approach the problem together.

See a Doctor

Erectile dysfunction is often related to health issues or medications you take. So, any man with erectile dysfunction needs to make an appointment with a doctor. He may suggest a medication change or treatment with erectile dysfunction pills. Your doctor may also recommend that you drink less alcohol, drop pounds if you are overweight, and get regular exercise.

Some other ways of treating ED include penis enhancement, so impotence injections or penile implants.

Many experts recommend that partners go to the appointment, too. It will get the doctor’s attention, and it will help make sure the man will actually bring up the subject.

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