Penis Shrinkage Surgery

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Some men don’t want a big penis, they prefer a smaller one.

In a world where penis enlargement surgery has exploded in recent years, there is a steady demand from men to have their penis made smaller, often as small as possible.

In medical circles, it is still considered a rare surgery, with a small number of Urology specialists in the world carrying out the procedure.

The most common requests for penis reduction come from men who have a serious problem when they attempt to have sex with a big penis. They complain that it is impossible to have full sexual intercourse because they cannot penetrate their partner without causing pain.

In other cases, men choose to have their penis made smaller due to preferred sexual practices. Such practices include so-called “penis humiliation”.

Penis shrinkage surgery is not for the fainthearted. Once the penis has been reduced in size there is no going back. The penis can be shrunk significantly and one has to be sure that this is really desired, as it is impossible to get back the lost size afterward.

For example, if the reason to have a penis shrinkage surgery is due to sexual preferences, these could change over time.

Interestingly, partners of patients looking to have a smaller penis are often very supportive, even if the reason is not that the penis is very big, more a lifestyle choice.

Many men who want to shrink the penis because it really is extremely big, often suffer loneliness because they find it impossible to develop or sustain meaningful relationships. Just as men with a very small penis will avoid sexual relationships, so does a man with a very large penis.

Penis shrinkage surgery takes around two hours to perform in a hospital. It is performed by a specialist Urologist.

For further information head to our penis reduction surgery page or contact our helpful, discreet team. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will guide you through each step of the surgery process and will be able to provide you with the details of the procedure.

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