7 Innovative Approaches to Increase your Penis Size

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  1. Trim your pubic hair

Excess pubic hair can really make your penis look buried. Try and trim it right back, or if you are feeling brave, shave it completely. You will be surprised at the results!

  1. Get the blood flowing

Have you noticed that after you have taken a hot shower or hot bath your penis looks longer and thicker ?. That’s no coincidence. The hot shower or bath has stimulated blood flow to your penis, and blood in the penis is your best friend when it comes to size.

  1. Try a penis extender

Penis extenders can be bought for just a few pounds from China. We would suggest investing in a good quality device because with commitment they can help to make your penis longer and thicker. You will need that commitment though because it can take a year or so to see results.

  1. Consider penis fillers

If you thought that fillers were just for plumping up your girlfriend’s lips then thick again. So-called hyaluronic acid injections can make your penis thicker. They don’t last forever though, be prepared for more treatments between one and two years.

  1. Penis enlargement surgery

It’s possible to increase penis length by division of s suspensory ligament attached to the penis and pubic bone. Up to two inches more is available from most men. Many have this combined with a transfer of body fat from the belly or inner thighs to make the penis thicker at the same time. Results are permanent but it’s more costly than any other method.

  1. Jelqing

A manual stretching technique to literally pull the penis longer. Again a long-term commitment with daily commitment. Reports abound about penis damage, so pulling carefully would be our advice.

  1. Lose the belly fat

When you look down at your penis, can you actually see it?. If not it could be that you have a mound of so-called “pubic fat pad” which is hiding it. By trying to lose weight you can reveal more of your penis length. If all else fails you might think about pubic liposuction to fix it.

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