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Two months ago I had my penis enlarged by a Dr Djakovic at Moorgate. I first saw him around one month before that for a consultation at their Harley Street centre in London. He gave me a lot of information and didn’t try and gloss over anything , which I liked. In fact I was in there for just about an hour. He obviously knows his stuff and tells it to you straight. The overriding memory of the consultation was that he told me I could expect around two inches improvement in the penis length and width. That inspired me to go for it. I asked him specifically about the fat transfer as I had heard that some of it can disappear soon after. He said that was right ( about 30% ) but the rest would stay around. I wanted something permanent. He also said that the lengthening would never need doing again either.

They do the operation when you’re asleep so you don’t feel anything. I can remember Dr Djakovic coming to see me just before to sign some papers, but after that not much. The hospital was very clean and modern and the staff were nice which helps. I was a nervous wreck on the morning. Luckily , I was first on his operating list and was asked to be there from 7.00 in the morning .

It was about ten o clock when I looked at my mobile and the staff told me it had gone well. I saw Dr Djakovic just before they discharged me and he told me I would be pleased. I left the hospitalon the same day and I was home early afternoon.

You do feel a bit sore the first few days, but I expected that. It felt tight more than anything. Looking down at the penis it looked massive but they told me some of that was swelling and it would go down a bit over the next week.
Apart from antibiotics I didn’t take anything else. I was pleased with the cut which was right in the pubic area. I had seen some pictures of others on google that looked pretty bad but this Doctor does a different technique to hide the scar.

I didn’t do much for the first week and I didn’t drive either. After one week I felt fine and went back to work no problem.

The swelling did go down as they said it would and the width was up by about two inches. The width was the most noticeable part. It was longer but it was the width that really stood out !
In the first week I just left it alone. I could pee fine and I was happy with that much at that stage.

As the weeks went by everything got back to normal. I was a bit shocked on the first erection because seeing it bigger like that was unbelievable. It was a dream. I thought the penis looked longer on erection but the Doctor said that might have been an illusion , but it can look that way.

I went back to Moorgate for a check up at one month. They gave me something called a phallosan forte to use after the surgery. It stretches the penis after the operation and it can put on some more length to the penis, so i will use that. I asked him if I had to use it and he said yes because it stops the penis from pulling back to its old size after the op. He also said that he put in a silicone ball to stop it pulling back. I read up on this and it seems if you don’t have this ball thing the penis can shorten again. You can see or feel it but its there to do a job.

I want to thank Dr Djakovic for changing my life. Unless you have this problem you cant possibly know what it feels like. I have tried to put up with this for years. Now I am single again it was the right time to do it. If I didn’t do it now I would have never done it.

If you want to do it then I would say go for it, but that’s easy for me after the op. I went to a couple of companies that offer this but Moorgate were fine for me. Very professional and friendly staff that dont make you feel embarrassed. Thanks to all -Grant Morley (April 2018)

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