Will stem cells be the next big things for penis enlargement?

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Have you heard the news? What news you ask? The news that thanks to stem cells men will be able to enlarge their penis by 3 inches. This got us thinking about whether stem cells will be the next big thing when it comes to penis enlargement, lets look into why it very well could be.

Exactly how is the procedure done? That starts out with one positive about already and that is the fact that it uses no synthetic or harmful materials at any stage of the procedure. Instead, a combination of fat liposuction and healthy stem cells from a patient’s own body are used in order to provide them with a longer penis.

So, why else would this be a good idea? Well, as we know most men worry that they aren’t performing in the bedroom due to the male worrying about both the look and feel of their penis. And as previously mentioned stem cells could be the answer to all their dreams – dramatically improving the length of the penis via cosmetic surgery.

There are also many different pros to this new form of penis enlargement, with the patients even saying that their body is far less likely to reject the material used for the enhancements therefore making the surgery a much less risky procedure, speeding up recovery as well as making the results look much more natural than alternatives.

In addition to this, the augmented parts will age better than the synthetic materials used in enhancements today. This will lead to the enhancement being a lot less likely to need correcting at any point in the future.

So, what are your thoughts on stem cells being used in penis enlargement operations? Are they better than synthetic operations, and are we finally seeing the safest method of penis enlargement come to the forefront.

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