Have You Heard Of Pubic Lift Surgery?

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What is pubic lift surgery?

When there is excess fat and loose skin in the pubic area, a surgical procedure called a pubic lift can be performed. This operation is usually carried out by either a plastic surgeon or urologist. The procedure is usually performed under general  anaesthetic and takes between one to two hours to perform. You should arrange to take between one to two weeks of work depending on the type of work that you do.

How does pubic lift surgery work?

A pubic lift can address both excess fat and excess skin in the pubic region. If there is excess fat overhanging the underwear for example, this can be removed in a liposuction procedure. The excess fat is excised to complete the lift. This will leave the patient with a flatter pubic region.

Is pubic lift surgery popular?

Pubic lift surgery has become increasingly popular for men. This is perhaps in line with the increased popularity in penis enlargement surgery. Quite often excess pubic skin and fat can be removed at the same time as a penis enlargement procedure. Where excess pubic fat and skin exist, it can make the penis look  smaller because it is hidden within this excess pubic skin and fat.  The procedure can be performed on its own of course where diet and exercise have failed to improve it. 

Is pubic lift surgery safe?

All surgical procedures carry risk of course, and this includes pubic lift surgery. Your surgeon will want to ensure that you are fit and well for surgery including a general anaesthetic. Most pubic lift procedures are performed with no complications and with pleasing results. You should discuss any concerns directly with your surgeon as part of the consultation process so that you are fully aware of the potential risks and complications involved.

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