The Disadvantages of Penis Enlargement Pills

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Penis enlargement products come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The safest and most effective products on the market are traction-based enhancers. For penis enlargement that works, traction really is the answer. But there are all sorts of other options out there. The bad news, though, most of them do not work. And some of them? They’re just plain dangerous.

You’ve got an email account, you’ve seen all those ads in your spam folder trying to convince you to but little blue tablets that are “guaranteed” to add inches to your penis. You’ve probably seen those guys on the street corner too, handing out leaflets promoting their penis enlargement lotions and potions. But neither are to be trusted.

Just how effective are male enhancement pills? Well, the quick answer is “they’re useless”. Let’s dig a little deeper into why you really need to swerve pills for penis enlargement. Here are six stone cold reasons to avoid them at all costs:

They just don’t give results

A man buys penis enlargement pills because, well, he wants to enlarge his penis. But the simple fact is – there is no pill, tablet, capsule, spray, liquid, cream, oil, lotion or potion that can do that. It doesn’t matter what the salespeople say or how much you the pay, the only proven ways of enlarging your penis is via surgery or with traction.

There are many other reasons not to waste your time and money on penis enlargement creams or oils or pills. But this overarching pint looms over them all – none of it works. So, what’s the point? Why put yourself through it all when there won’t be any positive results.

The science doesn’t back it up

The lack of results from taking so-called male enhancement pills is recorded. This isn’t just hearsay from a few disgruntled customers. It’s not just anecdotal reporting. The fact that these things do not help men’s penises grow is scientific fact. Various studies and countless research projects have been carried out, testing out a wide variety of pill and creams. The results are always the same. They are garbage.

While many of the pills do contain the herbs, minerals and hormones as claimed, there is yet to be any quantifiable proof to date any of these ingredients, in whatever percentage or amount, enhance penis size.

There are Lots of Nasty Side Effects

It’s not just that these kinds of supplements don’t give you results, they can actually prove harmful as well. So, it really is no laughing matter. The most commonly reported side effect is nausea. Feelings of sickness often go with extreme dizziness and headaches. Vomiting, fever, diarrhoea and even heart palpitations are often found in men using non-prescription pills like this.

There are other side effects too. Non-physical ones. A lot of men who have taken these kinds of supplements have told of extreme feelings of anxiety, low mood, depression, irritability and nervousness. At the extreme end of the spectrum – and this is very sad – there have been reported cases of suicidal thoughts as a result of taking these dangerous little pills.

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