Penis Enlargement Surgery with Circumcision

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Penis enlargement surgery with circumcision is a popular option for many men. A circumcision in an adult male could be for a number of reasons:

  • They prefer the look of the penis when it is circumcised
  • Their partner prefers a circumcised penis
  • Religious reasons
  • The foreskin is unusually tight and uncomfortable (Phimosis)

When men are considering a penis enlargement it can be an ideal time to have the circumcision done at the same time. There is only one anesthetic and one recovery period, for example.

If there is already evidence of phimosis then the Urologist may strongly recommend a circumcision at the same time as the penis enlargement surgery. This is because when a fat transfer is carried out to increase the penis girth, it can make the foreskin tight in the first few weeks after surgery. This usually resolves for those who have a normal foreskin. However, for those with an already tight foreskin, this could be a problem afterward.

Of course, the other option is to have the circumcision first and return later for the circumcision.

In our experience, most men will choose to have penis enlargement surgery and circumcision at the same time.

The recovery from penis enlargement and circumcision is around six weeks. The Patient must refrain from all sexual activity during this time and avoid contact sports, heavy lifting, and gym.

It takes time for things to settle down.

After this combined surgery, it may take a little time to get used to the new penis size and the circumcision. The penis will be more prominent in underwear for example, and you may be conscious of feeling your glans ( the head of your penis ) in the underwear at first.

This sensitivity to the new size and look will pass as the patient gets accustomed to the change.

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