Pre-Operative Tips and Advice on Penis Enlargement Surgery

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So you have booked your penis enlargement surgery, so what’s next?

Penis enlargement surgeries are day-care, so you won’t need to stay in hospital after the procedure. But while this means there aren’t multiple nights of hospital care to prepare for, there are some things to consider.

Here we give you an insight into the steps, and a few tips along the way, to get the smoothest journey towards your surgery date.

What to do in the weeks and days leading up to your appointment

Attend your pre-operative appointments.

Don’t miss any pre-operative appointments with the medical team.

These are really important as part of your assessment for surgery.

If you miss them, your operation may have to be rescheduled.

Follow the pre-operative advice.

You will be given some clear pre-operative instructions before your operation.

If you must have any tests before the surgery, make sure you attend to them on time.

If they are home test kits, then do these only on the day you are asked to and get them in the post on the same day.

By following the pre-operative protocol, you will have an easy and stress-free run-up to your operation day.

Stop smoking and drinking alcohol.

If you smoke, we highly recommend that you stop six weeks before the surgery. Smoking increases your chance of infection and delays wound healing.

We’d also recommend you limit your alcohol intake in the weeks leading up to the surgery and avoid it altogether at least 48 hours before your admission.

Dealing with your pre-operation paperwork

You will receive documentation online from our patient care team. Be sure to read and sign this and return it as soon as possible. No need to post this. It’s all done online.

What to think about on the day before the procedure

  • Fasting before your surgery (safety reasons when having anaesthetic or sedation that your stomach’s empty. Don’t eat or drink outside of the times specified as this will lead to a delay in your surgery or a change of operation date.
  • Bring any tablets or medication you’re taking.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing to go home in
  • Shave your genital area with a clean razor.

You might also want to bring something to keep you entertained for the few hours immediately after the procedure before you can go home.

What else to consider when preparing for penis enlargement surgery

  • The trip home.

After surgery, you will need someone to collect you from the hospital and take you home. This is because you will have had a general anaesthetic. If you plan to come on your own for the surgery, an overnight stay can be arranged. We can also arrange for a driver to take you home if required. Overnight hospital stays and driver services will incur extra charges,

  • The First 24 hours

It’s a good idea to have someone stay with you for the first night after surgery.

Again, if this isn’t possible, we can arrange 24-hour care at the hospital.

  • Time off work

You will need to plan some time off after having penis enlargement surgery. If you have a sedentary job, then two or three days is usually fine. If your job is more physical, then you may need to take up to one week off.

  • Shopping

It might be a good idea to stock up on food shopping, just in case you don’t feel like going to the shops in the first few days after the surgery. You could also stock up on pain relief medication.

Follow the pre-op advice for the best outcomes.

We strongly advise anyone undergoing a penis enlargement procedure to follow our preop advice to ensure they are fully prepared for the procedure, to reduce the risks of complications, and to speed up the recovery process.

If you’ve got questions about preparing for penis enlargement surgery or want to book a consultation, get in touch.

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