Do Volux injections offer permanent thickness?

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There are many penis enlargement methods on the market which can make it difficult for men to decide which one is right for them. If you are unsure of which to choose, we think you should try our Volux penis enlargement injections.



What is Volux?

Volux is the newest type of penis girth injection, made of HA (Hyaluronic acid) which gives a longer-lasting option, in comparison to the Voluma injection. They are available to all men and last 2 years, making them a cheaper option in comparison to Voluma.


Do they create a permanent thickness?

The Volux penis fillers aren’t permanent, so if that’s something you’re looking for then penis enlargement surgery or penis girth surgery could be best for you. Some men decide to have this type of injection if they’re not sure about whether they will like the way they look after having a surgical procedure. As the product used in the injections does eventually dissolve away, you will need to have it topped up, or if you decide, have a more permanent procedure.


How much girth do the injections give?

With just 10ml of the Volux injections, your girth should increase by up to 2-5cm. This can be increased further with top-up sessions if needed. We suggest that you have 15ml on your first session to achieve the best results.

You can achieve the same amount of girth if you choose to have the Voluma penis enlargement injections, however, over time they will start to become pricey. Even though Voluma is cheaper than Volux, they only last around one year and will need to be topped up if you want to keep the same level of girth that you had at the start of your treatment. Volux is a better value for money because it lasts nearly double the time Voluma does.

If you’re interested in having Volux injections or want to know what your other options are, contact us and book a consultation.

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