What is a Scrotoplasty?

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Scrotoplasty, what is it? Well, this is a condition whereby the scrotal skin extends beyond its normal boundaries and attaches itself to the penile shaft causing what is termed scrotal webbing. This can occasionally extend up to the head of the penis.

This can cause discomfort and distress during intercourse; difficulty with placing condoms and/or during exercise, whereby the skin can be caught or trapped. In addition to this, the visual perception of a shorter penile length due to the excess skin can be of concern as men do not like to look shorter.

Why a Scrotal Lift Surgery Can Help

Many men are self-conscious and displeased about the shape and size of their scrotums. This is obviously a very private area of the bod, and so, a lot of men feel embarrassed to talk about it. However, as time goes on, many find that excess skin on the scrotum makes them less confident in the bedroom, and also causes them discomfort or pain when jogging, riding a motorcycle, or other similar activities.

Therefore, the goal of scrotum lift surgery is to improve the appearance and comfort of the scrotum by treating stretched scrotal muscle and skin.

Ideal Candidates

The American Board of Plastic Surgery reports that men of all ages can be good candidates for scrotoplasty. However, the best candidates tend to have:

  • Concerns about scrotal shape and size that lower self-esteem or sexual confidence
  • Discomfort or pain in the scrotal area when performing routine physical activities
  • Stretched or excess skin of the scrotum caused by injury, trauma, or ageing
  • Realistic expectations about the procedure, its benefits, and risks
  • Good overall mental and physical health

Make sure that you discuss your candidacy for this male enhancement procedure with one of our licensed urologists. Contact us now to book a consultation and speak to one of our Urologists. 

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