What is Testicular Replacement Surgery?

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If you have lost either one or both testicles as a result of testicular cancer you may want to consider testicular replacement surgery.

For most men who have testicular cancer, the main treatment is the removal of the affected testicle. Although this procedure usually keeps the scrotal sac intact and looking about the same on the outside, a testicle implant could restore a more natural look. But testicular surgery is not without its risks and testicle implants are not for everyone. As with most things, there are bad and good things associated with testicle implants, so with that here are those pros and cons.

The benefits of getting a testicle implant include:

  • From the outside, the scrotum will appear the same as before.
  • Most patients who have a testicle implant say it makes them feel better about themselves.
  • It is relatively easy to remove if there are any problems.
  • The implant is available in sizes from extra small to large, so it can be matched to the other testicle.
  • Surgery to place the testicle implant can be done in an outpatient setting, in about an hour, and the patient can usually go home the same day. Recovery takes only a few days.

The cons of getting a testicle implant include:

  • While the outside appearance may be the same, the actual feel of the current saline-filled implant is usually harder and less malleable than a natural testicle.
  • You may not like how the implant looks. In one study, 23 percent of patients said they were dissatisfied with the testicle implant’s position or shape.
  • The testicle implant is merely cosmetic, so it won’t produce sperm or testosterone.
  • If a developing adolescent receives an implant, he may need to have it replaced with a larger prosthesis at some point, so another surgery will be needed.
  • As with any surgery, there are risks associated with anaesthesia, which should be fully discussed beforehand.

For more information on this subject get in contact with us. Or if you’re considering this surgery then head to our page on Testicular Replacement Surgery.

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