Great Adult Novelty Gifts for Christmas

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The festive season has begun, and it is time to get your partner a few Christmas presents ready for the 25th of December. Well, at Moorgate Andrology we have you covered, here are a few of our favourite adult novelty gifts that you can buy your partner in the run-up to Christmas.


Catch rings on the end of your (inflatable) cock whilst still maintaining the smallest slither of dignity. Don’t worry, this game doesn’t require you to whip it out any time soon. One lucky player dons the enormous penis and then attempts to catch the hoops that are thrown by the other players. It is sure to create an endless supply of truly unforgettable late-night party memories. Or why not get a penis enlargement at our penis enlargement clinic and you can have a more adult-friendly game of cock-a-hoopla.


When life drives you nuts, grab it by the balls, literally. A regular stress ball can help alleviate mental pressure, so it only makes sense to double up on the relief and give a pair of balls a proper crushing between your fingers. This fake scrotum makes an ideal stress reliever, even if the watery insides make for a slightly disturbing experience.

Stress Bum

And now for the alternative for men, the stress bum can cure any man’s stress. Before today, such thoughts usually resulted in a one way trip out the door via the HR office, but now there is the perfect solution. Introducing the Stress Bum, a palm-sized set of buttocks for you to squish and squeeze to your heart’s content.

Bush Baubles

Let no part of you be without festive cheer this Christmas season, even the parts that don’t show. These bush baubles bring the festivities to your nether regions thanks to clip-on baubles that simply clip to any available hair.

Cock Fighting

The objective of this game is simple, knock your opponent’s giant inflatable off its mount. The inflatables stick to the players’ special belts with velcro and they battle head to head. Swinging their hilarious oversized manhood’s to an inevitable conclusion; leaving one player seriously deflated by their failure and the other cock a hoop with success.

These are great adult novelty gifts, and although the next one isn’t really an adult novelty gift it’s pretty great.

Penis Enlargement

Simply get your partner a bigger penis for Christmas. Now, of course, you’d want to discuss this with them beforehand and not just spring it on them last minute. Penis enlargement can do wonders for both parties in a relationship, from giving the guy more confidence to making sex more pleasurable for their partner. If you’d like to book an appointment or talk to our doctors, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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