How NHS waiting times could impact waiting for a testicle replacement

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It’s no secret that waiting times for non-urgent cases on the NHS are continuing to increase.

A combination of factors including ongoing industrial action, an ageing population, and the after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are putting untold pressure on NHS resources and staff.

As a result, interventions deemed non-urgent are finding they have to live with their limiting conditions for much longer than the 18 weeks specified in current guidelines.

How could these increasing wait times impact on men waiting for testicle replacement on the NHS?

Who might need testicle replacements?

Men seek testicular replacements after the removal of either one or both of their testicles, which may have occurred for a variety of reasons. The most common of which include:

  • Testicular trauma
  • Testicular cancer
  • A diagnosis of undescended testicles as a child
  • Twisted testicles, called torsion
  • Atrophied (smaller) testicles

The procedure to remove a testicle is called an Orchiectomy, and commonly, after they are removed, men are left to wait for a replacement, sometimes for years.

In the most severe of cases, the lack, or removal of the testicles can result in psychological trauma and physical problems. As a result of this, self-confidence and self-esteem decrease, and the loss of testosterone can lead to physical problems such as low libido and erectile dysfunction (ED).

When are testicle replacements fitted?

Many men who need replacement testicles must wait until their treatment is complete before they can join the waiting list. As such, their treatment journeys can vastly differ.  

In the case of men who require orchiectomy to remove cancerous testicles, it is common that removing the testicle is the only treatment they need. Therefore, they could opt for testicular replacement much faster than other patients.  

When men fall victim to testicular trauma, however, medical professionals may do all they can to save or repair the testicle, which will delay testicle replacement if it becomes necessary.

Once fitted with their testicle implants, men find that their lost confidence and self-esteem return, allowing them to live their lives freely once more.

Types of testicle replacements?

Depending on the patient’s requirements and the implant variety favoured, there are a choice of testicular implants currently in use in the UK.

The implants differ based on the materials they are constructed from, which results in different consistencies.

Softer testicular implants

Silicone-gel-filled testicular implants, such as the implants created by Nagor Limited, are generally ovoid in shape and are designed to reproduce the consistency and feel of a natural, softer testicle.

They can come in a range of sizes, and some have a suture loop that keeps the testicle in the correct place, reducing movement within the scrotum.

Firmer testicular implants

If opting for a firmer textured testicular implant, companies such as Silimed supply the UK with an elastomer implant that comes in a range of five sizes.

Soft-solid testicular implants

There is also a developing range of Soft- Solid testicular prostheses currently being used in America, but these are yet to receive FDA approval and are not in use outside of America.

When it comes to decisions about which testicular implant, the medical team will work with the patients to discuss the texture, size, and benefit of each implant before making a joint decision about which is best for them.

Are waiting times for men needing testicle implants on the rise in the NHS?

However, as waiting times continue to extend, men in need of testicular implants find these conversations a long time coming.

Data from the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) and the NHS Performance Analysis Team suggest that despite efforts to improve, increased NHS waiting times for non-urgent referrals had increased by 57.4% in December 2022, compared to pre-Covid data gathered in February 2020.

This means that men desperate to feel like themselves again are looking to private treatment options for procedures, such as testicle and penile implants- ridding them of potentially crippling stress, anxiety, and sexual dysfunction.

Private treatment rapidly reduces waiting times for men needing testicular replacement.

Choosing private treatment then is the only solution for men struggling to wait for testicle replacement under the NHS.

Experienced, flexible practitioners

Not only will waiting times be decreased from years to just a few months, but the quality of treatment can also vastly be improved.

Our specialist andrology clinics specialise in all things men’s health. As a result, our experienced uro/ andrologists are unlikely to come across anything they haven’t seen before- increasing their chances of being able to correct andrology differences quickly and effectively.

Similarly, we have increased flexibility regarding the time and day of consultations and procedures, with availability in the daytime, evenings, and some weekends to help minimise your downtime.

Finance options

Contrary to popular belief, many patients are now choosing private providers for treatment because of the range of finance options available to them.

Investment in private healthcare is increasingly common among the public, as they now see it as an investment in themselves. As such, they are ever more likely to invest in what they deem to be the best.

With a range of private financing options available, patients can take advantage of pay-monthly options with low-interest rates from 3% APR and spread the cost of their testicle replacement over 5 years.

Contact Moorgate Andrology today for help with testicle replacement

As experts in specialist andrological procedures, Moorgate Andrology has been chosen for decades to provide the best quality of care for men across the UK- without anxiety-inducing, year-long waiting times.

Shrinking the potential waiting time for testicle replacement to a matter of months, rather than years.

So, if you are currently on an NHS waiting list for treatment, why not come to see us today for a free Urologist Consultation? Simply find your nearest location and reach out to us today.

For more information about our work in testicle replacement, however, you can email or call us to discuss your circumstances in more detail.

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