Baldness and Small Penis: Every Man’s Worst Fear

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It’s no big surprise that confidence is a big deal when it comes to relationships and dating. It is after all sexy.

Bald and Small penis

The only problem is that gaining confidence and maintaining it throughout a relationship is hard particularly for men. It is no wonder the confidence-boosting industry is booming nowadays. But for all those times when people wrestle with sex issues, there are certain areas where men are especially vulnerable.

Men are more sensitive that the world gives them credit for. Even with the numerous proclamations about how men don’t worry about the same things as women, their egos are surprisingly frail. We can endure the trash-talking and insults that are part and parcel of male friendships, there are certain aspects that are off-limits. Take for instance the issues of baldness and penis size. Both of these bother men to an extent where their self-esteem is trashed.


The level of importance that men put on hair and the issue of baldness would surprise many women. Men consider their hair as one of the most visible signs of their masculinity and potency. That means that should they start losing hair and becoming bald, some take it as proof of God’s hate or something worse. A man with a receding hairline or bald head is often viewed as one whose youth has already passed him by. Such a man is viewed as whose best years have passed and whose only option to disguise his looks with medication, props and gimmicks. The image of a man with a bald head is one of impotence and comedy as he tries to come up with the best arrangement of the little hair left on their heads. The main cause of baldness is not known but it’s widely believed to be a combination of hormone levels and genetics in men. For men with this problem, oral medications such as finasteride or minoxidil or hair transplants are credible options.

Small penis

The size of a man’s penis is the number one source for any man’s fears and insecurities. The main reason behind this is that penis size is often associated with sexual desirability and virility. Anyone with a small penis is considered not ‘manly’ enough. And while the size of a man’s penis is subject to the same whims as pop culture and fashion, there are ways to compensate for the lack of volume. Men should understand that increased girth is far more important than the length of an erect penis. Penis enlargement surgery can increase both the length and thickness of a small penis. There are non surgical penis enlargement options available now too for the fainthearted.

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