Treatment for Small Penis Syndrome

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For people with mild to moderate anxiety about penis size, researching data on average penis sizes or asking a doctor about what constitutes a Micropenis may help. If a person is concerned about sexual performance, they may find comfort from a partner’s reassurance and support. Research suggests that the majority of heterosexual women are satisfied with their partner’s size. 

Medical treatment can help men with BDD, PDD or anxiety about penis size. Some treatment options include:


  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): This type of therapy helps people understand how their thoughts affect their feelings and behaviour, and it can help them find ways to reduce anxiety.
  • Understanding and addressing triggers: For some, specific triggers – such as pornography or relationship problems – can cause penis size anxiety. Some people can reduce symptoms by identifying their triggers and working to manage them. 
  • Sex therapy or couples counselling: When penis size anxieties affect a person’s relationship or ability to have sex, therapy can help a couple work together to overcome the anxiety.


What You Should Ask Your Doctor

People who worry about the size of and their feelings about the size of their genitals should go and see a doctor, this is so that they can offer you help as well as support. Some of the questions you should ask include:

  • Is my size within the average range?
  • Is it common for me to be anxious about my size?
  • What can I do to ensure I overcome my anxiety?
  • Are you able to refer me to a therapist?
  • Do I have symptoms of PDD?
  • Are there effective strategies for managing sexual dysfunction relating to anxiety? 


Anxiety relating to size can be frustrating, and it may affect self-esteem and relationships. Misconceptions about penis size can lead people to believe that their penis is smaller than most other people’s, even when it is within the average range. Sex education, support from a partner and appropriate treatments can help people with small penis syndrome and those with BDD manage their anxiety. 

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