The Penis Extension Clinic on BBC Three

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Everyone at Moorgate are very excited about a brand new documentary, The Penis Extension Clinic, to be aired on BBC three online

See before & after pictures below


It has taken two months of filming and preparation to bring together a fascinating documentary about penis enlargement surgery. This operation is one of those that few hear about, most men don’t tell anyone that they have had penis enlargement done, so most guys we see think they are the first!.
We have a following for penis enlargement surgery and the BBC chose us to follow the surgery journey of two of our Patients.

These are two great guys who both had their reasons for wanting just that little bit more.

Before & After Penis Enlargement Surgery







The BBC also filmed the work of our team as they arranged and prepared Patients for penis enlargement surgery. The surgical journey begins with that first phone call to arrange an initial consultation. From there it’s a meeting with our Plastic Surgeon for an examination and explanation of all the facts.

The documentary doesn’t stop there of course. Both procedures were filmed as Leon had a second thickening procedure and Michael had both length and girth surgery for the first time.

We hope that this documentary will enlighten men into the possibility of improving the size of their penis if they feel that they don’t measure up. There are thousands of men who struggle in personal relationships because they have a small penis and this affects both their sex lives and in forming new relationships. We see many men whose relationships have broken down because of their penis size; either because they don’t feel that they can satisfy their Partner sexually, or because the break up has been initiated by their Partner for the same reason.

More and more men are opting to increase penis size as more men seek cosmetic surgery generally. Programmes like The Penis Extension Clinic on BBC Three will hopefully help in making men aware that help is out there if they feel that they have a problem.

If you are interested in finding out more about Penis enlargement surgery please get in touch with Moorgate Andrology and we will be happy to help. Initial consultations are free of charge of course and without any obligation.

Meanwhile from all the team at Moorgate we hope you enjoy the BBC three documentary series, “The Penis Extension Clinic”

Please do get in touch with us with your thoughts about the series.

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