Advantages and Disadvantages of a Penis Pump

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If you have been researching treatments for erectile dysfunction, then chances are you have come across an article that mentions penis vacuum pump as a device to aid with sexual difficulties. Some men see it as a sort of gimmick, but it would be wrong to dismiss it entirely.

In fact, the number of penis vacuum pump users have been rising steadily since it was first introduced on the market. That number continues to increase as mainstream doctors are now recommending it to patients. If you have erection problems or issues with erectile dysfunction specifically then you may want to consider looking into using a vacuum pump for yourself.

What is a Penis Vacuum Pump?

Also known as a vacuum constriction device, a penis vacuum pump is used on your penis to gain an erection. The main parts of the device consist of a transparent plastic cylinder and a pump powered by the hand or by batteries.

To use it, you will need to first lubricate your penis and then place it inside the plastic cylinder. Then you seal it shut by pressing it against your body so that no air comes out. The pump then removes the air from the cylinder which creates a partial vacuum. This vacuum causes the penis inside the cylinder to engorge with blood. When there is enough blood in your penis to make for a viable erection, you then place a constriction penis ring around the base of your penis to keep the blood inside your penis shaft.

Research shows that you can obtain an erection about 90% of the time when using a penis vacuum pump. However, it does take a week or two to master using the device, afterwards, it should only take you two or three minutes to get yourself an erection which you can safely maintain for half an hour.

However, some men using two constriction rings have found that this method also gives them a strong erection.

Advantages of Using Penis Vacuum Pumps

First of all, they are very affordable, and the cost of such a device pales in comparison to the expenses involved in major penile surgery for a penile implant. You also don’t get to experience major side effects that are always common with surgeries and medications.

There is also the privacy issue, and by buying a device like this online you don’t have to let anybody else know about your sexual problems. Finally, and most importantly, it works.

Disadvantages of Using Penis Vacuum Pumps

Aside from the fact that you are using a machine on your penis, there may also be some bruising involved. There may be additional problems like scarring if you are applying too much force, or if you don’t follow the manufacturer’s directions. Furthermore, a vacuum pump works best if your inability to get an erection naturally is caused by physical factors. If the reason for your erectile dysfunction is largely psychological, using it may not be as effective.


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