Would You Marry A Man With A Small Penis?

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You have dated this man for a while now. You are in love with him and you even consider him the love of your life. I mean, he treats you like royalty.

Would You Marry A Man With A Small Penis ?

But even although he is perfect in a lot of ways, there is just one problem; his penis is really small. This makes you wonder if you will ever enjoy sex as a married couple and if so, will it get to a point where the fun is no more?

First of all, let’s clear the record about penis length. Scientific studies show that the average length of an erect penis is about 5 inches. Of course, this will vary from one man to another as some have longer penises than others. On the longer extremes, penises that are more than 8 inches long when erect are rare while a penis that is longer than 3 inches is still considered normal.
Some women like to comfort themselves with the old saying that it’s not the size of the instrument; it’s about how you play the tune. A larger percentage of women cannot have orgasms through penile penetration alone. This is not to say that penile penetration doesn’t matter. It just means that your husband’s penis size shouldn’t be the reason why he can’t give you sexual pleasure. He should be able to work with you and experiment different tactics of love making and foreplay.
Before you get to a point where your sexual life becomes frustrating, talking with your partner is important. Embarrassing at it may be at the beginning, it’s the only way you can make real progress. Men love hearing about their partner’s sexual desires as it makes it easier to satisfy them. Also consider telling him a few things about him that you can change or love about him. If you want to use toys for stimulation, tell him. He will probably be amused by the idea too. This kind of conversation can be tough but if you want to marry a man with a small penis and enjoy your sexual life, you better get started on it.
So can you marry a man with a small penis? If you really love him, there is a way you can make you sexual life exciting. Honest conversation and experimenting with different techniques are just a few of the pointers. It’s more about how you play the tune, right?

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