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What’s the maximum penis girth enlargement?

We have two penis girth enlargement packages which are done by world-leading surgeons. You can have added penis girth either through surgical treatment or a non-surgical treatment. The Moorgate Mega Penis package improves penis length & girth while the Moorgate Max Girth package provides an extra 2 . 5 inches of increase to your penis length and a whopping 6cm extra girth! Improve your confidence & improve your sexual performance as a result.

Moorgate’s new supreme penis enlargement packages mean you can have an even bigger and better-looking penis. You simply choose your ideal package (no pun intended) and then our amazing Urology surgeons do the rest.

Package 1 – Moorgate Mega Penis

For a super boost on your penis girth opt for our Mega Penis Package.

In this penis enlargement package, you will get the standard length and girth surgery PLUS a 20ml girth boost using dermal filler.
This will give you a penis length (and especially girth) that every man dreams of.

Another benefit of our penis enlargement packages, you will save a whopping £1,600 compared to having the procedures done individually!

The Moorgate Mega Penis Package gives you the best of both worlds, much needed flaccid length so you look good in shorts, swimwear etc….and essential penis girth to the very max with a two-tier approach of fat transfer with dermal filler….only at Moorgate Andrology.

Package 2 – Moorgate Max Girth

The 2nd of our penis enlargement packages treats your package to length and girth surgery, which could increase the length of your penis by up to 2 . 5 inches (wow!) and the girth by 6cm (amazing!)

When we have completed the initial length and girth surgery we will carry out another fat transfer to give you the maximum girth possible using your own body fat once again.

You have been asking us for this one, so here it is.

We’re really treating you with this one here at Moorgate because you save a massive £1995 compared to getting the procedures done separately!

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If you are interested in either of these two packages or if you’d like more information on the prices, please contact us here at Moorgate Andrology.

For more information on the individual procedures see below.

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If you are interested in finding out more, make an appointment for an initial consultation today. We can go through some facts and figures with you and explain all the different options that we offer.

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