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How to increase the girth of my penis?

A recent study by the University of Kentucky found that 40% of the 14,000 men who took part in a study, wanted a thicker and longer dick. It is a universal truth that men across all regions have one thing in common, they want to be well endowed. The obsession is such that many men …

What are the common causes of a micropenis?

Micropenis is a term used to describe a penis that is 2.5 standard deviations smaller than the mean average for the age and race for a man. This translates to a stretched penis length of fewer than 2-3/4 inches and an erect penis length of 5 inches. Statistically, micropenis occurs in 0.6 percent of the …

Why is my penis darker than the rest of my body?

Ever wondered why your penis is darker than the rest of your body? It’s not just in your head: Whether it be your skin is white, black, or somewhere in between, genitalia and areolas naturally darken during puberty. When males go through puberty, their body produces more of the sex hormones adrenal and androgen. Androgen …

Small Penis Anxiety
Overcoming Small Penis Anxiety

There are few topics that can evoke such widespread and intense nervousness relating to penis size. Just about every man – regardless of the actual size of his penis – worries about being too small, so much so “small penis anxiety” now exists as a term. Here is what you need to know about penis …

How can you Treat a Micropenis?

Micropenis refers to an abnormally small penis. Micropenis is rare and hormonal or genetic issues are most often the cause. Doctors will usually diagnose and treat the condition at birth. In this article, we look at the definition of micropenis, the symptoms and causes, and the ways a smaller than average penis may or may …

3 Things You Can Do Today So Your Penis Can Perform Better Tonight

Getting it up: three words that will come with a lot of pressure. Sometimes, problems with your erection aren’t exactly your fault. Genetics and certain health conditions – say, diabetes or heart disease – can make it hard to get hard, since problems that affect your blood vessels can run in families. Plus, while erectile …

alcohol is bad for your penis
Does Alcohol affect your Penis?

Whilst booze can give you the infinite confidence and make you far more likely to ask for her phone number after throwing back a few, there is one side effect from alcohol that men should be taking a massive interest in. And that is your sexual health. In fact, for men, heavy drinking can lead …

erectile dysfunction
5 Hard Facts About Erectile Dysfunction

You may not have a problem Erectile dysfunction is “the consistent or recurrent inability to attain, and in some cases, maintain a penile erection sufficient for sexual intercourse,” according to Dr Evangelos Apostoleris from Wits University’s Department of Urology. This means erectile dysfunction is not just about getting it up but also keeping it up. It …

penis size
Does Cucumber Increase Penis Size?

It is very easy to disregard cucumber as a simple salad staple, but the humble cucumber could be used as a natural erectile dysfunction medication and even treat erectile dysfunction. Experts claim the vegetable boasts properties which could boost blood flow to the penis. Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is the inability to get …

Is Jelqing an effective means for penis enlargement?

Would you like your penis to be bigger? It seems safe to assume lots of guys would answer yes to that question, yet finding the perfect way to achieve this goal has led many men down some not so pleasant roads. Most of the penis growing techniques are a bust, although a few surgically invasive …

penis pumps
Top 3 Penis Pumps

As soon as you get to that point in life where you begin worrying about your penis size, it can definitely flatten your self-esteem. No guy wants to accept the idea that their cock is small and it’s nonetheless a very taboo subject for boys to deal with. After all, who wants to confess of …

penis stretching
Does Penis Stretching Work?

Penis stretching refers too using your hands or a device to increase the length or girth of your penis, rather than having a Penoplasty. Although there is evidence to suggest that stretching can increase your size, the results are usually minimal. In some cases, they may even be temporary. Read on to learn more about …

How do I know if I need a Frenuloplasty?

Tearing your Frenulum If you have torn the skin that joins your foreskin to the tip of your penis, you should avoid sexual activity until the tear has healed. In most cases, the tear will get better without treatment. Once it has healed, you can try using a lubricant during sex to prevent the problem …

penis enlargement
What is the future of Penis Enlargement?

To put it honestly, nobody really knows the future of penis enlargement. Case in point, the movie franchise Back to the Future told us there would be flying cars, hover boards and shoes that tie themselves by 2015. A New York male enhancement specialist spoke about the future recently and, unlike Back to the Future script …

Can I Use a Penis Pump after Girth Injections?

As we all know, penis girth surgery is a great way to improve your own body confidence. In fact, most men who come to Moorgate Andrology choose to have penis girth surgery as opposed to penis lengthening surgery. This is because, as most women say, girth matters more than length. But can you use a …

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