Partners’ Penis Too Big

You must have noticed that in the world we live in now it seems that bigger seems better.

Bigger house, bigger car, bigger penis.

Yes, in the past ten years there has been a dramatic increase in penis enlargement surgery as men embrace cosmetic surgery almost as much as women.

Men want a big penis. If their penis is smaller than the average, it makes them feel self-conscious and at worst unable to form sexual relationships. It can even make them avoid enjoyable activities such as sport or gym because they don’t want to change in front of other men.

There is of course another group of men whose penis is perfectly normal, maybe even bigger than the average, yet still, they queue up for penis enlargement to boost what they already have.

There seems little doubt that modern day men believe that they need a big penis to keep relationships happy and attract new ones.

But what if your partners penis is too big?

The myth that all men are born the same when it comes to penis size couldn’t be further from the truth. The adage that “when you have seen one you have seen them all” is simply not true.

Penis size can vary significantly between men. Having a partner with a penis that is too big can also be just as bad as having a partner with a penis that’s too small.

At Moorgate Andrology we get inquiries from far more men who want to have their penis enlarged than their penis reduced, but the inquiries for the latter are there.

When they have a penis that is just too big for penetrative sex it can be a real problem.

If you have a partner whose penis is too big you may not be able to have penetrative sex at all, or if so, it can be extremely painful.

If the penis is too small then you can go with your partner to a clinic such as Moorgate Andrology and get him a penis enlargement, but what can you do if your partners penis is just too big?

Well, there is such a thing as a penis reduction surgery. The penis can be made shorter and even thinner depending on what the problem exactly is. Most men seeking penis enlargement want to reduce the penis size in both the length and girth. If not, the length is the most popular request for reduction. The promising news is that the penis can be reduced in size to whatever the man and his partner desire. This needs very serious thought though, because once a man has had a penis reduction there is no way to get back the penis size that has been taken away.

For many men and couples, there are few, if any, other options. The surgery is performed by only a handful of Urology specialists in the world. It is very complex surgery performed under general anaesthetic and the procedure takes around two hours. It takes six weeks for everything to settle down after the surgery before sexual activity can be started again.

In the coming years we see penis reduction surgery as a procedure that will become much more common than it is today as men find out that it is available. Those with a penis that is too big that search for an answer cannot come quick enough.

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