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Penis Problems – Erections and Pain

Penis problems

Split Foreskin

  1. My boyfriend has had a scar on his penis on the thin bit where the foreskin pulls back and joints with the head. Recently this split and although it healed a bit it tore again when the skin was pushed back during sexual intercourse. Please, can you advise us on whether this is likely to heal as we currently feel unable to do anything for fear of making it worse?
  2. Relax. This is the frenulum and it often tears, but invariably heals very poorly so it tends to break again in the same place. Unfortunately, there is a little artery in there which bleeds quite heavily and can be a tad scary. Simply pressing on it with a cloth or thumb will stop the bleeding. He can have it removed for good with surgery.

Foreskin Concerns

  1. I am becoming increasingly worried about the appearance of my penis. When I have an erection my foreskin remains unchanged, it does not come back to reveal my head as I feel it should. Do I have a larger than normal foreskin and can anything be done about it? I have no problem in pulling my foreskin back but it does not remain there during masturbation or intercourse.
  2. Believe me, it is far better to have too large a foreskin than one too small which can cause phimosis and a hasty trip down to the A&E department when it refuses to go back to its rightful place. Like many things in life, there are larger and smaller. You can have it removed or even modified by surgery but I honestly don’t think it is worth the pain or money. Far better to grow into it rather than suffer a tight pullover.

Painful Penis problems and Difficulty in Passing Urine and Semen

  1. For some time now I have had a painful penis around the head. I am circumcised and there is no discharge. Also, when ejaculating, I cannot feel the semen passing up through the penis as I used to. When passing sperm or urine it does not feel free flowing but seems to require effort to make it pass out.
  2. I would really need your age and any past history but unfortunately, the sensation of ejaculation does tend to decline with years. Being dehydrated will cause this to some extent so take plenty of fluids. So long as there is no discolouration of the semen or difficulty passing water there is unlikely to be anything nasty going on. Even so, keep an open mind and see your own doctor if you find things getting worse.

Penis problems such as tight foreskin can be treated with simple surgery. Contact us today to learn more about frenuloplasty.

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