Penis Too Big To Fit

If your penis is too big to fit for penetrative sex, what can you do?

While many men would love the thought of having a really big penis, there are men out there for whom a really big penis is a real problem.

Firstly, there is the actual embarrassment. Some men with a big penis hate how their penis looks.

At Moorgate Andrology we have heard stories from men whose partners were shocked when they saw their penis erect. When we say shocked, we don’t mean in a positive way.

When the penis is huge it can cause pain and discomfort for the partner upon penetration. In many cases, it is impossible to penetrate because of the length or girth of the penis, or in worst cases both.

This is can make for a very lonely existence for men. It’s fair to say that not many can bear the thought of going to the GP with this problem. So many avoid sexual contact because they know the reaction that they will get from their partners.

This may all seem strange when most men might say “I wish I had a huge penis”, but there is a significant difference between a well-endowed man and a penis that is impossible to enjoy normal sexual activity with

Man men recall that their penis was large from a young age, even in the teens at the onset of puberty. At Moorgate Andrology we see men who have never engaged in penetrative sex either because they have avoided it or because they were unable to physically complete the act.

The effects on self-confidence are devastating. The choices to fix it are limited.

Penis reduction surgery is out there m but it is very hard to find. There are very few centres that offer the procedure. It is a highly specialised surgical procedure involving penile disassembly.

On a brighter note, the penis can be made smaller. The new size can be whatever the man and his partner would like. It can be reduced in size and in width. Careful consultation with an experienced Urologist is needed to work out exactly what size would fit the bill. There is no going back when the penis has been reduced.

If a man has had no sexual penetration because of his penis size, there is a need to get it fixed. Mostly penis reduction surgery is carried out in the private sector in a small number of hospitals around the world. In the United Kingdom, penis reduction surgery is performed at Moorgate Andrology, but it remains a select procedure that is not performed too often. Penis enlargement surgery is much more common.

If your partner has a penis that is too big to fit, then encourage him to seek help. A consultation with a Urologist may help in the first instance to discuss what might be available. You could also try counseling to see if this will help. For most though if the penis is too big to fit then surgery may be the only real option left.

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