A penile implant, will she notice?

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The burning question that every guy wants to know is will she notice if I have a penile implant?

Now, this is a question usually asked by guys who are single.

If you are married or with a partner then the chances are you have had many discussions with them already about your penile implant. In a settled relationship these are decisions that are usually taken together.

But what happens if you are single? You may have taken some advice from friends or relatives before you took the plunge to have a penile implant, but you have yet to have sex for the first time since having it inserted, and that is a daunting prospect.

The thought of having sex for the first time with an unsuspecting partner is bound to be worrying. Thoughts of: will it work? will she know? are going to be running around in your mind.

The penile implant itself is going to work, but you already know that don’t you? You have spent time with your Andrologist in a process called “cycling” the implant and you know how to use it because the Surgeon has shown you, more than once.

So, back to the issue of “will she know”.

If you have had the inflatable penile implant then there is a manoeuvre that you have to do to get the penis erect. It simply requires a pumping action in the scrotum where a tiny pump is discreetly hidden. So how do we get this done?

Well, you could nip to the loo prior to the commencement of sex and essentially start off with an erection. It’s a fast process to get the erection as you know, so she may only think that you have gone for a quick pee.

When you re-appear you are ready for sex and you will know that there is nothing else to do except deflate it afterwards

Lets suppose that she won’t let you go to the bathroom, she just can’t wait -you lucky boy. 

This requires either an owning up of the truth or some sleight of hand.

Owning up would be great if that’s what you want to do, however if you are in the throws of a passion this might not be perfect timing.

In this case you may find opportunities within foreplay to get to the pump yourself, long enough to get the erection.

Once you have the erection then there is nothing more for you to do except enjoy yourself!

That’s all okay if you have the inflatable implant, but what about the malleable implant?

This one is a bit more tricky. Essentially you have always got an erection. You simply need to bend it up. The actual motion of bending it up could come as a surprise to any new partner. Mainly because the penis is quite rigid. This could give the game away. Again, be discreet about how you bend up the penis and you may be just fine.

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