Could a penile implant save your marriage?

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The realisation that you can no longer get an erection is devastating.

For years you have always had a great sex life, erections at will. You have woken in the morning to the inevitable “morning glory” … and now, its gone.

Of course, this rips the heart out of your sex life. Hopefully, you have an understanding partner and he/she is willing to see you through this crisis and support you through the help you are going to need.

However, in the back of your mind you cannot help wondering what your partner is really feeling .

There is no sex now. Not even any foreplay because it cannot lead to intercourse. You can both achieve orgasm without intercourse, but how long can that stop gap really last?

Erection problems can cause havoc in a marriage, even the best of marriages. Sex is the one thing that binds you together and there is emptiness when sex goes away.

If you have been struggling with your erections for a long time the chances are that you have tried pills and potions and maybe even injections. If you are at the point where a penile implant is the only way forward then these pills and potions have probably given up working. This is very common.

A penile implant can transform a man from one whose sex life has all but gone, to a guy that can once again have sex at will, back to the heady days of his youth. This is because a penile implant is a mechanical device that can get you an erection and keep it there at will. Even if you have had a few drinks you can trust your penile implant to work when you needed it.

Penile implants are not just for older men either. Younger men with serious problems with their erections (for all sorts of reasons) are choosing penile implants.

A penile implant can save relationships and marriages. If you are considering a penile implant then it can always be a good idea to share your thoughts with your partner. Get them involved in the decision making process as early on as possible. Invite them to your appointments with your Urologist and instead of them being part of the problem, make them part of the solution.

You should never have to face impotence alone. It is embarrassing, we know, but thousands of men are diagnosed with erection problems every year in the UK.

Take the first step forward and get your erections back on track with Moorgate Andrology. 

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