Has your wife had bigger than you?

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One of the most burning, unanswered questions any man can have is: has my wife had bigger than me?
All men worry at some point about their penis size. When we walk around clothed it’s not easy to compare your penis against the next guy. You could go quickly online and within seconds you can be comparing yourself with as many porn stars as you like, but is that realistic?

So, how do you know if yours is big enough?

Admit it, you can’t help but wonder if your wife has had bigger than you. Unless of course, you KNOW that you have a really big penis, in which case the thought may have never entered your head.

Comparing yourself with others is a natural human emotion. Comparing your penis size against your wife’s other sexual partners before you, can be a dangerous game to play. Ask yourself, do you really want to know the answer?

Maybe you would like to know just out of curiosity. But if you asked the question how can you know she will answer truthfully? If there are no secrets between you and you vow to always tell each other the truth, then maybe she will answer truthfully. Who knows?

If however, you think that your sex life is on the wane, or it has never exactly been sparkling, then the question is more a potent one.

You begin to wonder if she has always been prepared to accept second best. If you know your penis size is smaller than average it can spark severe emotional upset and stress. It becomes the elephant in the room. Sex becomes a chore and you are convinced that she is comparing you on previous conquests that you are never going to hear about (and probably don’t want to).

As time goes by and the flush of young love gradually drains away, the focus shifts to changes in both of your bodies. After children her vagina becomes slackened, she can’t feel you as much as she used to. Your penis, you are convinced, doesn’t look quite as thick as it used to. Maybe the length looks about right but you are convinced that she is not feeling you because you have lost some penis girth.

This can then take you both back to the days of youth. But for you, it’s once again comparing yourself to unknown previous partners of your wife. Maybe she does yearn for the guys that she slept with before you (you still have no idea how many sexual partners she had before she met you, you haven’t asked  and she is not telling).

You are sure that she is not looking elsewhere, no more than you because you would never do that. But what do you do now?

Now you are convinced she has had bigger, especially as you look down at your flaccid penis. Why is it that your penis always seems to look its smallest just when you are worrying about its size?

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