Fixing Botched Penis Enlargements

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At Moorgate Andrology we receive referral cases for botched penis enlargements, both from within the UK and from abroad.

These cases take on many forms but are usually a result of problems from lengthening and thickening surgery or penis fillers.

In recent times, we are seeing more problems related to penis fillers as inexperienced practitioners set up businesses to target men who want to enlarge their penis.

Mostly, we can rectify these problems, sometimes we cannot. Here are some of the more common problems that we see in the London Hospital and Preston Hospital.

  • Penile shortening as a result of no silicone buffer placement
  • Major fat loss due to poor transplant technique, or inexperience
  • Rapid penis filler absorption due to poor, cheap quality fillers
  • Skin necrosis
  • Circumcisions due to patients not wanting to travel back abroad for these
  • Repeat treatments or surgery, again due to patients not wanting to travel abroad or go back to the original clinic.

Everything starts with a consultation when something has gone wrong. If you have a problem after a penis enlargement then your first port of call should be the clinic where the treatment or surgery was carried out. It should be remembered that complications can happen, even in the best hands, as all surgery carries risks.

The best way forward when choosing a provider for your penis enlargement is to do your homework and choose a provider with dedicated experience, week in and week out, in penis enlargement.

If you do this then you will minimise the risk of complications and hopefully get the outcome that you are looking for.

If it is not possible to go back to the clinic where the surgery or treatment took place, then there are Urologists with considerable experience in penis enlargement that will usually see you and work out what went wrong, and what needs to be done to put things right.

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