Why You Can’t Masturbate Following Fat Transfer

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fat transfer Why You Can’t Masturbate Following Fat Transfer

After having a fat transfer you must under all circumstances avoid masturbation for the next 4 weeks in order for you to enlarge the girth of your penis. Here is how you need to behave over the next 4 weeks to avoid any mishaps.

The answer to this question is a very simple one. Whether you have a fat transfer or penile injections you are recommended to stay away from absolutely any sexual activity including masturbation for at least four weeks, the main reason that you need to do this is to avoid fat migration from the shaft of the penis always to the tip of the penis.

Here is exactly what to do and not do over the first four weeks.

Over the first week after surgery, there is little to do. Focus on keeping the area clean and take the antibiotics that our surgeon will have prescribed. The surgeon may ask you to massage any small lumps that you may see or feel just underneath the skin. These are normal and will subside within the first month.

Of course, for the next four weeks avoid all sexual and physical activity. After four weeks you will have another check-up with our surgeon to determine whether you are fine to resume both physical and sexual activity again. Remember, we are now transferring twice the amount of fat than only several months ago. This advancement into penis enlargement means that it is now possible to achieve transfers of between 100 and 120ml of fat giving girth increases of between 3 and 6 centimetres. 

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