What are the Different Penis Girth Injections?

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In our latest blog, we will be talking you through the different options that you can have if you desire to have a penis girth injection. Principally, there are three ways we are able to do this depending on the results you want. We offer Voluma, Volux, and Perfectha. 

Hyaluronic Acid Injection

The Hyaluronic acid injections can be used to thicken your penis temporarily. We have used a tried and tested a product called Juvederm Voluma for this procedure. If you have not had penis thickening injections before and you would like to see how your penis would look after non-surgical penis thickening, this could be a good option.

We offer different hyaluronic acid injections in varying prices. Hyaluronic acid injections can be a more expensive option in contrast to the long-term fat transfer option. The results should last you anywhere between 12 to 24 months, depending on the option you choose, which is a relatively short amount of time in comparison to other enhancements.

Voluma, our original penis enlargement injection, is a deep tissue filler, giving lasting and reliable results. This gives superb girth gains in most cases. You will see a much thicker penis, but natural looking at the same time. Further treatments can be performed to give even greater gains where desired.

Volux is a new penis enlargement filler now available, first, at Moorgate. It is from the same manufacturer as the original Voluma hyaluronic acid filler. So you know you’re getting a safe and reliable product. The difference is that it lasts up to two years!

Finally, we have recently introduced a new filler, Perfectha. This is almost identical to that of Voluma. It gives the same results and girth gains, just at a much lower price.

These are the differences between our penis girth injections. Hopefully, it has helped you to decide which of these two injections you are wanting to use for a penis girth enhancement. Don’t forget to contact us and book a consultation to discuss your options.

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