How to Pay for Penis Enlargement Surgery

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Penis enlargement surgery is a significant financial commitment for most men. One of your considerations is going to be how you can fund the surgery.

Here we take a look at the most popular finance options for penis enlargement surgery at Moorgate Andrology

  • Self pay

If you have the funds yourself then you can pay outright and in full for your surgery. Most patients who self-fund pay by bank transfer. It’s a safe way to transfer your money from account to account. The advantage of self-pay is that you will not have any interest charges when compared to finance methods. The fees will be due before your operation so you will need to make sure that the complete funds are available.

  • Credit card ( s)

If you have a credit card with a sizable limit, or maybe two credit cards that add up to the surgery amount, you could pay by credit card. This is a quick and easy way to pay. You can pay over the phone on the due date. You can then make payments to your card that suit you. Credit cards attract interest on unpaid balances, so you will need to factor this cost into your calculations

  • Finance

Finance is available for penis enlargement surgery. In fact, finance has become very popular for cosmetic surgery in recent years. The big advantage of finance is that you can spread the cost of your penis enlargement surgery over a period of time that suits you. Most patients who come to Moorgate Andrology for finance for their penis enlargement surgery will finance the procedure over 5 years. There is no need to pay a deposit in most cases. The finance company pays you and then you pay Moorgate Andrology for the surgery on the due date. There is a wide choice of lenders for cosmetic surgery, so you should be able to find a finance deal that suits you. Most finance options attract interest payments and are often tailored to your personal credit history/score.

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