Penis Enlargement Surgery in Turkey

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At Moorgate Andrology we are sometimes asked, “Is Penis enlargement surgery in Turkey a good idea or a bad idea?”

Well, like all cosmetic surgery abroad, there are a few factors that you need to take into consideration, which we suggest must happen even more carefully with penis enlargement surgery.

Let’s take a look.

The main reason that men may consider penis enlargement surgery in Turkey is the price. It will be much cheaper to have penis enlargement surgery in Turkey than in the United Kingdom. Even when you add the flight and accommodation in, the overall cost will still be less than the UK. Another reason to choose Turkey maybe that you can combine the surgery with a holiday.

Unless someone has family in Turkey these are the two single biggest reasons why someone would choose to have penis enlargement surgery in Turkey.

Let’s look at the potential pitfalls of having the surgery there.

Firstly, the idea of combing a holiday with surgery is not as glamorous as it sounds. When you have had the surgery you will not be able to swim in the first few weeks after surgery. It is important to avoid strenuous activity for six weeks afterwards. Sunbathing is not recommended either as you cannot expose fresh scars to the sun. Also, if the sun and sea put you in an amorous mood, that’s out too. No sex for six weeks after penis enlargement surgery.

Now, penis enlargement surgery is not without risks. All surgery carries the risk of postoperative complications. In penis enlargement surgery this includes infection of the silicone buffer which is placed in cases in the United Kingdom to stop the ligaments joining up again after lengthening surgery. If there is an infection of the buffer then it must be removed quickly. If this happened you would have to set foot back to Turkey sharpish to have the implant removed. Then you would have to return again three to six months later to have the implant put back in. When you add in the cost of two more visits to Turkey with flight and hotel costs, suddenly the savings don’t look as great.

Penis Enlargement Turkey

Your other option could be to go to the NHS, if you had a serious infection they probably would remove the implant for you, but they certainly would not replace it. If you went this route then the penis would shorten again. In some cases, it can end up shorter than it was before if left in this position.

Also, on the fat transfer side, which is used to increase penis girth, there can be fat lump formations which need to be treated. The NHS will not treat these and if you get them, and they don’t settle with massage, you will need to return to Turkey to get them fixed.

Your other option of course if you get these complications is to contact a UK Specialist company such as Moorgate Andrology to fix the issues for you. If you choose this route then the overall cost of the surgery will have worked out more than if you had chosen the UK for the surgery in the first place.

Penis enlargement surgery is a highly specialised surgery. It is usually performed by Urologists who have specialist training in surgery of the genital anatomy. This brings us to the issue of qualifications and experience. In the United Kingdom, there are only a few centres that are specialists in penis enlargement surgery. They are not hard to find on the Internet in the UK. They perform penis enlargement surgery week in, week out, with specialist Urologists leading the medical team.

As with any cosmetic surgery abroad, you must do your homework on the qualifications of the surgeon. It is highly likely that in Turkey your surgery will be performed in a clinic carrying out a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures. This may not be a bad thing, but you really want to be sure that penis enlargement surgery is not a rare event at that clinic. Ask the centre how many they perform each month and specifically how many the Surgeon has performed.

Another good tip is to ask them for a patient that has had penis enlargement surgery with them, that you can talk to. If they make an excuse that there isn’t one available, consider your options very carefully.

Of course, many people go abroad for cosmetic surgery and have a very good experience and save a lot of money compared to the UK. The issue perhaps is that penis enlargement surgery is an emerging procedure, even in the United Kingdom, and you need to consider your health and welfare above all else, such as a cheaper price and the promise of a holiday, when making your decision.

Differences in the standard of surgery – UK v Turkey

At Moorgate Andrology we speak to many patients who have a fleeting idea of having penis enlargement surgery abroad.

One country which keeps popping up in conversation is Turkey. Penis enlargement in Turkey may be an option if you are only focused on a cheap price.

Most guys go abroad for penis enlargement in Turkey because of the cheaper cost. Our experience is that although some patients think about the idea, very few in practice go abroad for the surgery.

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Post Treatment Communication

One of the major considerations after penis enlargement in Turkey is post-operative care and communication. Indeed, this is always a factor to take into account when having cosmetic surgery abroad.

Standards of aftercare vary considerably from one country to another, and you need to be sure that you have access to adequate care when you get home.

How accessible is the clinic when getting back to the UK? Make sure that if you have penis enlargement in Turkey that you have the telephone number of the surgeon in case you have any problems when you return.

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Is penis enlargement surgery in Turkey cheaper and why it is cheaper?

Penis enlargement surgery in Turkey is cheaper than penis enlargement surgery in the UK. If cost is your prime consideration when thinking about penis enlargement surgery, then penis enlargement in Turkey could be an option.

Of course, we would suggest that many other factors should be taken into consideration before you choose a provider for your penis enlargement surgery. These factors should be considered no matter where you are thinking of having the surgery, the UK or abroad.

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I had a botched surgery in Turkey, how can I get it fixed?

botched surgery Turkey

If you have had a botched surgery procedure in Turkey, such as penis enlargement surgery in Turkey, then you will be anxious to get the problem fixed as quickly as possible. Where can you start?

Your first port of call should be the clinic where you had the surgery done. By now, you are probably back in the United Kingdom, so contact is going to be by phone or by email. Hopefully, the penis enlargement clinic in Turkey has given you contact telephone numbers and email addresses so that you can get the support that you need.

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What are the most common problems with penis enlargement surgery in Turkey?

common problems with getting penis enlargement surgery in Turkey

Penis enlargement in Turkey could be a consideration if you have a limited budget for this procedure. In the United Kingdom the leading providers of this procedure charge upwards of £7500, with surgery performed by specialist Urologists.

In Turkey, this procedure is usually performed by Plastic Surgeons carrying out a broad range of cosmetic surgery procedures. This in itself may not be a problem, but one has to question how many penis enlargements the Surgeons are carrying out on a weekly basis.

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Can I claim compensation for botched penis enlargement in Turkey?

Can I claim compensation for botched penis enlargement in Turkey

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your penis enlargement in Turkey you should first speak to the clinic concerned. Most clinics will be attentive and will want to know which aspects you are unhappy about. If there is a valid opportunity to fix something, then you will need to return to Turkey to get more treatment or surgery.

The clinic should be given the opportunity to fix something that has gone wrong. Maybe you have experienced a known complication of penis enlargement surgery. If this is the case then you will be expected to travel back to Turkey to get it fixed.

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What are the risks of having penis enlargement in Turkey?

What are the risks of having penis enlargement in Turkey

Penis enlargement surgery, like all cosmetic surgery, is not without risks. 

There are key risks when having the procedure and what to consider if you are thinking of having it done in Turkey. 

During the process of making the penis longer, so-called “ligamentolysis surgery”, a silicone implant is placed between the two cut ends of the suspensory ligament. This is important because where this is not done, there is a chance that the two ends of the ligaments can reattach causing shortening of the penis. In worst cases, the penis can be shorter than it was before the operation.

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