Penis Enlargement Cost

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Thinking about penis enlargement? The cost of penis enlargement will be high on your list of considerations.

How much are you willing to invest in your penis enlargement? A few pounds or a few thousand pounds?

Let’s take a look at some indicative costs of popular penis enlargement options:

  1. Penis enlargement surgery

The so-called “gold standard” procedure to increase penis size is penis enlargement surgery. It is the only permanent method to increase both the length and girth of the penis. In the United Kingdom, prices do vary considerably depending on the skill and experience of the surgeon or clinic. Specialist penis enlargement providers are usually Urologists where costs are from £7000. Cheaper providers that have penis enlargement surgery on their list of other cosmetic surgery procedures tend to be cheaper.

  1. Penis Fillers

Penis fillers have increased in popularity over the past five years since Moorgate Andrology first introduced them to the UK. In recent times the cost of fillers has come down in price but this is largely due to the influx of cheap hyaluronic acid fillers, most of which have little or no track record in the penis. These are available for as little as £150 per ml, but it would be wise to check these out first. Some filler now bring used by some providers is actually contraindicated for the genitals, but is still being used because it is very, very cheap for providers to buy. The better quality fillers are upwards of £250. The longest-lasting filler available in the UK is now two years, and this costs upwards of £300 at the leading clinics.

  1. Penile traction devices

Penile traction devices are worn on the penis on a daily basis, for a few hours, for at least one year. They require a long-term commitment to see results. The quality of these devices varies enormously, rather like the aforementioned penis fillers. They can be bought off the internet for as little as £30 or £40. However, the best-known quality devices,  such as penimaster or phallosan forte cost in the region of £300.

  1. Penis enlargement pills

Is there really a penis enlargement pill that works?. That’s for another article, but let’s talk about the costs. Most can be bought very cheaply. Maybe as low as just a few pounds. Of course, you have to keep taking the pills and if you stop, any results will swiftly disappear.

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