How does penis enlargement surgery work?

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Nobody needs an excessively big penis to satisfy themselves or their partner, but we understand that some people feel insecure about their penis size. Whether it’s too long, too short, or too thin, you might wonder what you can do to make your penis look better.

With Moorgate Andrology, you can rest assured that our medical professionals are pioneers in urology and andrology, who are happy to help you gain confidence through penis enlargement. This blog will explain more about the types of penis enlargement procedures available and how they work, so you can make a more informed decision about the treatment you want.

Surgical penis enlargement procedures

There are two primary types of penis enlargement surgery, or penoplasty – one to extend the length, and one to increase the girth. Both surgeries may be performed in some cases, when the patient wants to enhance their penis in both regards. This is common and can be easily achieved by the team here at Moorgate Andrology.

Penis enlargement surgery can takes around 1 hour, with the patient under general anaesthetic.

You don’t need to be circumcised to benefit from these surgeries, ( unless you have a very tight foreskin now ) and they won’t affect your ability to ejaculate or conceive children. Penis surgery can only increase the length by up to 2.5 inches or the girth by up to 6 centimetres – it’s not possible to increase a penis more than this safely.

Penis length extension surgery

Penile lengthening surgery, or ligamentolysis, involves cutting the suspensory ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone. The penis is then pushed forward. We also use a premium implant as a buffer, which prevents the ligaments from re-attaching and reversing the surgery.

The result is that the penis hangs lower, appearing longer and therefore larger when flaccid. To enhance the size of the penis in both flaccid and erect states, you can combine the lengthening surgery with either a fat transfer or a  dermal filler injection to thicken its girth.

Since the supporting ligament is no longer attached, the penis won’t point as high when it’s erect, changing the angle of your erection. This won’t affect your ability to have sex, ejaculate, or conceive – it just means that your erections will point at a lower angle. When looking down at your penis though, you are unlikely to see any real change.

Removing fat from the pubic area with pubic lift surgery can also make the penis seem longer, as more of it is visible. Conversely, if you feel that your penis is too long, or too thick,  and this causes problems during intercourse, you might opt for penis reduction surgery instead.

Penis girth enhancement surgery

Penile thickening surgery, or lipopenostructure, is a fat grafting procedure that involves harvesting fat from elsewhere in the body and injecting it into the penis shaft. The process includes three stages, and the end result is a visibly thicker penis, both when flaccid and erect.

During the first step, liposuction, fat is removed from a part of the body that can spare it – such as the abdomen (stomach), or inner thighs, where the best quality fat is. We remove the fat using a thin cannula. The amount of fat taken depends on the quantity available, the current size of the penis, and the maximum amount of fat that the penis can safely take.

Next, the extracted fat is treated by filtering it through a specially-designed purification system. This removes contaminants and isolates the fat cells for improved quality. Purified fat offers a smoother result, reducing the chances of inflammation and maximising the survival rate of the fat, when it’s reintroduced to the body.

Finally, tiny incisions are made at the base of the penis shaft, through which the fat is injected into the subcutaneous layers and distributed evenly for a natural appearance. As the fat is from the patient’s own body, the penis will not reject the fat transfer.

Non-surgical penis enlargement procedures

A non-invasive option for temporary penis enlargement is filler injections. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a substance naturally found in human tissue, making it safe to inject. The body slowly absorbs the HA over time, reversing the girth enhancement , they are essentially temporary in nature. The upside though is that they are easier to get done than a penis fat transfer because it is not surgery and its also a faster return to sexual activity.

The procedure for penis enlargement injections starts with the sanitising of the penis and the application of a numbing anaesthetic cream. We also use a penile block anaesthetic to numb the penis.  Then, the Doctor  will inject up to 20ml of premium HA filler under the skin of the penis to produce a natural-looking thickening effect. The entire process can take as little as half an hour to complete.

Depending on the type of filler you choose, the effect should last for 1-2 years before the penis returns to its previous state, as the body absorbs the hyaluronic acid. The longevity will depend on the type of filler that you choose,  and how quickly your body absorbs the filler. You can return for top-up injections if you want to maintain the girth enhancement. If you decide that the result isn’t to your liking, injections of the hyalase enzyme can dissolve the filler.

Voluma penis filler

Moorgate Andrology were the first to bring hyaluronic acid penis injections to the UK, and Voluma is the original penis enlargement filler. If you want instant results that last for 12-18 months after each injection, then Voluma dermal fillers could be the non-surgical solution for you.

A maximum of 20ml of this deep tissue filler can improve the girth of your penis by 2cm-5cm, with the thickened appearance evident when the penis is both erect and flaccid. Penis enlargement injections are a great choice for immediate results without the need for surgery.

Volux penis filler

Moorgate was also the first to offer this longer-lasting penis injection, from the same manufacturers as Voluma. While the previous version can last for a maximum of 18 months, Volux maintains the increased girth for up to 2 years in most cases, before you need a top-up, making it much better value. This is the longest lasting hyaluronic acid filler for the penis available in the UK.

Up to 20ml of Volux provides the same benefits as Voluma, but for longer – including smooth, even, and well-integrated filler and a girth up to 5cm thicker than before. If you want immediately visible penis enlargement that lasts for longer without surgery, opt for Volux injections.

Perfectha penis filler

As a more affordable yet just as effective alternative to Voluma, Moorgate also offers Perfectha penile filler injections. You can enhance your penis girth up to 5cm, or 2 inches, with the injection of up to 20ml of Perfectha. The results are just as immediate, and last for 12-18 months.

Like all penis injections at Moorgate, these fillers are inserted using a cannula rather than a needle, which reduces bruising and therefore the risk of uneven lumps when the swelling goes down. The expert procedure involves minimal discomfort and pain, with a faster recovery time than surgery.

Speak to the professionals about penis enlargement options

The specialists at Moorgate Andrology are experts in penile health and penis augmentation procedures, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re in need of advice. There are many problems associated with small and/or thin penises that can negatively impact your quality of life, but you shouldn’t let this dent your confidence when Moorgate can help.

Whether you are thinking about penis enhancement surgery, or wondering about non-surgical methods of making your penis bigger and/or longer, a consultation with us could lead you to the ideal solution. We also offer penile extension devices, including a range of penis implants, to address curved penises or erectile dysfunction issues. However you decide to proceed, and whichever treatment you pursue, Moorgate Andrology will always provide completely confidential and professional services. We will guide you through any necessary preparation and aftercare steps to ensure that you get the most out of your penis enlargement procedure.

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