Can I get Penis Enlargement through the NHS?

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For the vast majority of men, penis enlargement surgery is an elective and cosmetic surgery procedure. Today, more and more men are having penis enlargement surgery just because they would like a longer and thicker penis, not because there are any functional problems present.

In truth, most men who have penis enlargement surgery have a perfectly normally sized penis.

So why do more and more men now choose to have a penis enlargement, and some try to seek a penis enlargement surgery on the NHS?

Many of our patients say that in today’s world bigger is better. After all, everyone strives for a bigger house, a bigger car etc. They see penis extension surgery an extension (pardon the pun) of their lifestyle, how they want to live their lives and what they want to possess in life.

In these cases, penis enlargement on the NHS is impossible. Cosmetic surgery is not available on the NHS for those who just fancy a change of appearance.

But there is a place to turn to should you want to possess more confidence in your penis.

After the pandemic, the NHS is fighting to catch up with thousands of outstanding operations and new, previously undiagnosed, illnesses. Many routine operations have been pushed back with patients having to wait months, or sometimes years to get the treatment needed for the medical problems they have.

Under these conditions, it is very difficult to see how any cosmetic surgery would ever be considered.

That said, there are men who have medical conditions such as “micro penis”. This is where the penis is extremely small. In some cases it can make sexual intercourse extremely difficult. Moreover, many men with this syndrome struggle to form intimate relationships for fear of letting their partner down, or worse encountering ridicule. We speak to many men with this condition who actually avoid intimate relationships altogether as they cannot face the prospect of a partner seeing their small penis.

In such cases the NHS may possibly have a sympathetic ear. You may be referred to an NHS Urologist to see what might be possible through the NHS to help you. The NHS can supply vacuum pumps, traction devices and even surgery in some situations. Once again though, penis enlargement surgery would be considered non-essential and there will undeniably be a wait to get the surgery done.

If you feel that you have a micro penis you could talk it over with your family Doctor and see what is possible through the NHS. If your penis is just small however and not defined as a true micro penis, then it is highly unlikely that you will be referred to an NHS Urologist.

In such circumstances, then you will need to consider, and privately fund your penis enlarge procedure. If you are able to do this of course, you will not have to wait to have the surgery performed.

There are a handful of well-established penis enlargement clinics in the United Kingdom that have fully qualified Urologists performing penis enlargement surgery on a regular basis, such as Moorgate Andrology.

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