Beware of penis enlargement surgery abroad

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The temptation to have penis enlargement outside the UK is attractive to some. This is almost always because of a cheap price. The same can be said for virtually all cosmetic surgery abroad.

It should be said at this stage that there are some very good penis enlargement surgeons working outside of the UK, we cannot claim to have them all here. However, amongst the best of these seem to be in either the USA or Korea.

Penis enlargement surgery is highly specialised. There are only a handful of Andrology Surgeons in Europe with significant experience in the procedure. These tend to be Urologists working in either NHS hospitals or some in exclusively private practice.

If you are really going to go for that low price you should do your homework first. The critical question is who pays if there is a problem afterwards?

The NHS has plenty of tales of patients who have had surgery abroad only to return to the NHS when things go wrong. This is usually because the clinic abroad charges for so called revision surgery, or because the patient cannot afford the flights and hotel to go back (not to mention the time off work again).

If you have to return to the host country after your initial surgery then you will almost certainly lose any savings that you have made on the first operation.

As we have said, the other option is to throw yourself on the mercy of the national health service. However, unless you are really lucky, you are unlikely to find that your NHS guy has much experience in penis enlargement surgery. If you find your Surgeon starting to scratch his head, you had better start to worry.

Another important factor in penis enlargement abroad are your legal rights. You may find that you have very little protection if you wish to make a claim against the Surgeon. Even if you can, it can be costly to hire Lawyers in a foreign country. You should certainly investigate this before you book any penis enlargement surgery abroad.

Of course at the end of the day, you could get lucky and get a very cheap operation and have no problems. Then again, you might not. That’s the risk that you take.

All penis enlargement surgery and treatments carry risk no matter where they are performed. If you are one of the few that does encounter a post operative complication then you will want to be sure that you are going to get the proper care you deserve.

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