Why do guys convert to penis enlargement fat transfer from penis enlargement injections

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Penis enlargement injections have become very popular since Moorgate Andrology introduced them to the UK as few years ago. Yet, penis enlargement fat transfer still continues to be the gold standard treatment that most men plump for, and many men convert to after having the injections. Lets take a look at the reasons why.

Penis enlargement injections are popular, initially many men go for injections for the following reasons:

  1. It’s cheaper than a penis enlargement fat transfer
  2. There is less downtime than fat transfer
  3. The recovery is faster than a fat transfer

However, after one year the penis is ready for a top up treatment. The Hyaluronic acid has started to break down and it will be time to head off to the clinic again. At this point, only half the amount of the filler that was injected at the first time will be needed, which is good, but it still costs. This realisation that it is a yearly event is one of the reasons why guys then plump for a fat transfer but there are other reasons:

  1. Fat transfer lasts.
  2. It costs significantly less than penis enlargement injections over the medium and long term
  3. It uses your own body fat, no artificial material injected into your penis
  4. Longer history of results than penis enlargement injections

Of course, if the filler has all but gone then it’s fine to go for a penis enlargement fat transfer. Girth increases in fat transfer are heading up to 2.5 inches largely due to new fat purification systems which increase the survival rate of the fat. Added to this is the fact that a number of leading penis enlargement surgeons are now working on British soil. These are leading Andrologists with considerable experience in penis enlargement surgery. Their results are getting noticed and the word is spreading in the UK.

Both procedures have their benefits and restrictions. New dermal fillers such as bio collagen stimulating are now increasing the duration of results, so the gap is narrowing slightly, but only slightly.

Penis enlargement surgery will continue to dominate the penis enlargement horizon until a non-surgical permanent solution can be found that is safe and stands the test of time.

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