Can I Use a Penis Pump after Girth Injections?

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As we all know, penis girth surgery is a great way to improve your own body confidence. In fact, most men who come to Moorgate Andrology choose to have penis girth surgery as opposed to penis lengthening surgery. This is because, as most women say, girth matters more than length. But can you use a penis pump after you have had a girth injection.

It depends on when you decide to use a penis pump, you need to avoid it after you have had a penis girth surgery. This is because you need to avoid the gym, exercise, sex and masturbation for four weeks too. So, if you are unable to masturbate or have sex for four weeks then you certainly will not be able to use a penis pump to further increase the girth of your penis.

Why you shouldn’t use a penis pump after surgery

Using a penis pump in the immediate aftermath of having penis girth surgery creates a high chance of you fracturing your penis. If you suspect that you have fractured your penis a doctor can confirm whether you have or not. You may need to have a medical imaging study done if your doctor cannot make a clear diagnosis through an exam.

Imaging studies for penile injuries include:

  • A special X-ray, called cavernosography, which requires injecting a special dye into the blood vessels of the penis.
  • A penile ultrasound, in which the internal structure of the penis is imaged with sound waves.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging with a scanner that uses a magnetic field and radio energy pulses to create detailed images of the inside of the penis.

A penile fracture usually requires surgery. The surgeon will use stitches to close the tear in the tunica albuginea and corpus cavernosum. The main goals of treatment are to restore or maintain your ability to have erections and preserve urinary function.

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