What is the future of Penis Enlargement?

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To put it honestly, nobody really knows the future of penis enlargement. Case in point, the movie franchise Back to the Future told us there would be flying cars, hover boards and shoes that tie themselves by 2015.

A New York male enhancement specialist spoke about the future recently and, unlike Back to the Future script writers who could only speculate on what was to come, this doctor’s predictions were based on pure science. According to him, when it comes to penis enlargement, the future could indeed be out of this world.

Penises grown in the lab?

There are a lot of exciting new developments on there way in the world of penis enlargement, with a few simple procedures such as the P-Shot and PRP, which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, patients can experience extraordinary and long lasting results.

It has been said that with a single injection, or series of injections, patients can expand the girth of their penis and enhance sensitivity and the firmness of their erections. The penis enlargement surgeon further explains that, for maximum length gains, he uses a procedure that releases a ligament inside the pubic region that protrudes the penis on a straighter path, leading to one or two inches in increased functional length.

So, what if, the doctor asks, we could manufacture penises that were made to order? While all this sounds like the stuff of science fiction, the fact is that science isn’t too far away from exactly that. Gizmodo ran a piece recently that discussed fully functioning human gentiles grown in the lab. The implications, were for accident victims and men who desired a boost to their original equipment.

Whilst this technology is still way off from one being able to order a penis with the exact length and width dimensions as you expect, like ordering a suit from a custom tailor one day, we may be able to implant penises that match the size that the patient most desires.

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