Does Jelqing Work?

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By the time guys have arrived at Moorgate Andrology for penis enlargement, they have pretty much-tried everything else to increase the size of their penis, and this includes jelqing in many cases.

It is well known that stretching exercises have some evidence that they can increase penis size over time.

It’s the time element perhaps, that puts most men off. It can take at least a year before any results can be seen, and that includes a consistent daily regime of manual stretching.

Jelqing on the other hand is a form of manual stretching of the penis. It is done by making an O shape with the index finger and thumb and starting at the base gradually moving the circled hand down the shaft of the penis from the base to the tip, narrowing the O shape as you move down the shaft. It is really important that if you are going to do this you start slowly reducing the pressure at the tip of the penis (the glans).

Maybe begin every other day, and above all, don’t put too much pressure on the penis. It is possible to cause damage to the penis by being too aggressive.

Of course, you are not going to see results overnight. Be prepared for at least one year of daily jelqing to be in a position to assess the results of your efforts.

There is no scientific evidence that jelqing actually works. Anecdotally though, guys have reported seeing improvements in both length and girth of the penis with jelqing.

An alternative to jelqing is traction devices. There is more scientific evidence surrounding traction devices that seem to show it is possible to increase penis size with the daily use of a traction device for at least nine months.

The principle is pretty similar to jelqing, but the process is perhaps more measured as traction devices can adjust the amount of pressure applied to the penis and the stretching of it.

We give a traction device to patients following penis enlargement surgery, with our favourites being the Penimaster and the PHALLOSAN forte devices. These do appear to be able to increase the erect length of the penis, something ligamentolysis surgery cannot do.

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