Penis Enlargement Surgery Near Me

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We get many requests from patients for penis enlargement surgery close to home. On many of our website forms patients ask “where can I get penis enlargement surgery near me?”

It’s not surprising that guys would like to have surgery as close to home as possible. Although you can go home on the same day as having penis enlargement surgery, you will need someone to take you home. This is because you will have had a general anaesthetic (you are asleep when you have this procedure) so the Urologists will insist that you are collected from the hospital.

After the surgery, you are going to need aftercare. This aftercare is usually a series of check-up visits to the hospital to see the Urologist and monitor the progress after the surgery. If you are reasonably close to the hospital then this makes the follow-up visits much easier.

The number of follow-up visits that you will need to make to the hospital will depend on your recovery and the aftercare policy of the Urologist. You will need to be seen at least once to check the wounds are healing and maybe take some measurements to see how much your penis has increased in size.

Of course, not everyone likes to have treatment close to home. You may choose to have the surgery some distance from your home if you want to keep everything top secret. This is fine too of course. Just bear in the mind the commitment to the aftercare and those follow-up visits after the surgery.

For example, some patients like to go to London for penis enlargement surgery and combine a relaxing break after the surgery. This is perfectly possible providing that the emphasis is on rest and relaxation after the surgery.

When thinking about penis enlargement surgery, think carefully about the location and discuss this with the clinic. Make sure you know which locations are available and discuss the aftercare policy with them so you can make an informed choice.

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