Penis Enlargement surgery, length or thickness

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Penis Enlargement surgery, length or thickness ?


It seems that many guys struggle with the desicion of choosing either to increase just the length, just the thickness ,or both.
Its really important to get this desicion right at the outset. If you have one or the other procedure done, and then wish you had had both done, its going to be another expensive operation later on.
At the moment the cost to increase just the length is £ 4000. The cost to increase just the thickness is £ 3850 and both ogether is £ 5850.
Howevere the cheaper combined price is not the only reason to have done done at the same time, ( and should never be )
It may sound a silly statement, but have a good think about what EXACTLY it is that you dont like about your penis.
We see many men who just say ” I only want it bigger”, when really they are not sure if they are concerned more about the length than the thickness.
Remember that the Specialists will always tell you that the thickness is more important than the lngth when it comes to sex.
Think carefully about what you want to acheive before embarking on penis enlargement

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