Penis Enlargement Surgery in London Centre

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Men travel to London for penis enlargement surgery from the UK & Overseas

London centre is the mecca for penis enlargement surgery. This operation is not widely available in the UK. It is one of those operations that is seldom discussed. There are not too many men willing to talk about it in public. However its great to see some major national newspapers and magazines such as The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Independant, and a number of mens magazines such as GQ disussing the topic of penis enlargement surgery. Men want to know about this procedure and the more accurate information that is available the better for those looking to take the step.

Of course, there is a lot of information available online about penis enlargement surgery. If you type in penis enlargement into a search engine all sorts of information pops up, including all sorts of treatments from penis enlargement pills, lotions and potions and penis enlargement devices that stretch the penis.

Just how effective many of these treatments are is open to debate. Because so little is discussed openly about penis enlargement surgery, it is dificult to get any accurate data that can be relied upon.

However, when it come to penis enlargement surgery there are some clear medical facts that can be relied upon. Facts that will be discussed at any medical consultation with a penis enlargement Surgeon.

Here are some key facts about penis enlargement surgery which you might want to discuss with your Surgeon.

1. Most men choose to enlarge both the length anfd thickness of the penis.
2. Of those men who have only lengthening or thickening of the penis, thickening is the most popular.
3. Most Penis enlargement Surgeons agree that thickness is more important that length when it come to sexual intercourse.
4. The erection is not bigger when the penis is lengthened. However most men are concerned about the length of the penis when it is flaccid.
5. Many men who have penis enlargement surgery, dont in fact have a small penis. They want a bigger penis for self confidence.
6. Both single and married men choose penis enlargement surgery. The vast majority of men tell their partner and have their support, others dont tell anyone that they have had it done.
7. London centre is the most popular location for penis enlargement surgery.
8. The medical term for a penis enlargement surgery is a penoplasty.
9. The surgery is performed under local anaesthetic and sedation, Patients can go home on the same day.
10. On average, the length anf thickness of the penis can be increased by one to two inches. This makes quite a difference on a penis !
11. Sexual intercourse has to be avoided for four to six weeks after surgery to allow healing time.
12. Stretching the penis outwards is important after surgery to prevent retraction.
13. Having a penis enlargement does not make the Patient a better lover. However lovemaking is said to be more enhanced because both the man and his partner and more relaxed and comfortable as a result of increased self confidence that surgery can bring.
14. Penis enlargement surgeons and mindful to assess the expectations of the Patient carefully. Those who expect huge length gains are declined for surgery. It is important to be realistic.

Men travel to London for penis enlargement surgery from all corners of the United Kingdom. Many choose penis enlargement surgery in London when residing overseas. They see London as a city where high quality medical treatment is available , especially in penis enlargement clinics in Harley street area and West London generally.

London men do not expect to travel outside London for this operation and thankfully they dont need to. For others that live in the North of England it does mean a teain journey down to the capital, however for the sake of a day it surely has to be worthwhile, this is your penis after all. You only have one, and you are not going to get another !

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