Penis Extenders to stretch the penis longer

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We get asked about penis extenders a lot. There are lots of men who would like a penis enlargement surgery, but they just cannot afford it. Then there are those who despite wanting to get a bigger penis, cant face the prospect of a Surgeon taking a scalpel to his best friend.

Another option to enlarge the penis is a penis extender. These dont work overnight and you have to be very Patient, but reports suggest that you can gain as much as two inches in length if you persevere.

The device should be worn for a few hours each day and most guys do this is the privacy and comfort of their home in the evening.

There are lots of extenders out there. One of the best known penis extenders if the Androgold penis extender

This extender is a quality poduct which if used correctly and for long enough, should yield good results.

It is important that you take accurate measurements of the penis before you start. This might seem obvious but you would be surprised how many men dont. It is very difficult to assess the growth if you dont take measurements beforehand.

Many men choose to use a penis extender after having penis enlargement surgery. This helps to prevent the suspensory ligament from retracting after the surgery.
Retraction of the ligament after surgery is something that needs to be avoided. Uusally the Doctor will advise starting the extender a few weeks after the surgery when everything ha settlled down and the bruising and swelling has subsided.

Penis extenders look like they are heer to stay and good results are possible. The key is to have some patience and dont give in. Changes to the size of your penis wil be very subtle, you are not going to wake up one morning and suddenly see an extra two inches, but those inceases will happen over time.

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