Does Penis Enlargement Surgery leave any visible scars ?

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One of the questions we get asked often is, ‘will my partner see any evidence of scars from my penis surgery?’

Most men who have penis enlargement surgery don’t tell anyone about their operation. This maybe in part due to the fact that most men who have the surgery are single. For them penis enlargement surgery is much easier from a stress point of view in that they have nobody who maybe owed an explanation. Of the men that we see for surgery, many comment that their new sexual partners have not noticed any scarring from having surgery to their penis.

In the lengthening part of the operation there is a cut in the pubic area. Therefore there is a small scar afterwards. Most scars heal to a fine white line and this fine white line is hard to spot when covered with pubic hair.
The lengthening procedure makes the angle of the erection slightly lower but this is not generally noticeable from its original position. However, men must remember that the cutting of the suspensory ligament also diminishes the stability of the penis somewhat. This can be an issue with sex when the partner is on top for example, because in this position the stability of the penis might be compromised.

We often see men who choose not to tell their partner that they are going to have penis enlargement surgery. This is a risky tactic in my opinion. Keeping surgery a secret if you are in a relationship is going to be tough. For a start you cannot have sex for six weeks and if the partner sees scars and dressings covering your penis with-in the healing process, you may have to do some explaining.

When the after effects of the surgery have settled there are no visible effects like scars and lumpiness. The penis will be bigger than before of course, that’s the object of the operation, but scars and lumpiness of the fat transfer should have settled down after a few weeks. When this is the case you can continue your sexual activities with more, confidence.

Men who would like their penis thicker are choosing the dermal filler option more and more. I think this is in part due to the fact that this treatment is very difficult to detect. When the filler is injected underneath the skin of the penis it becomes instantly thicker, but without the scars associated with penis enlargement surgery.
Less downtime is a feature of all cosmetic surgery operations and penis enlargement is no different.

So with a little patience penis enlargement surgery scars can be undetectable. Much depends of course on the skill of the Plastic Surgeon. This is especially true when transferring fat.

A good procedure can give a very natural looking result.

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