How to thicken your penis without surgery

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If you are worried that your penis doesn’t measure up, you probably looking at ways to make it bigger, or at least look bigger.

It is possible to get a bigger penis without having to resort to the Surgeon’s knife.

How to thicken your penis without surgery

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Firstly, your penis can look longer if you trim back the pubic hair. A dense unruly thatch can mean the penis gets buried under all of the foliage, and as a result it looks significantly shorter than it actually is. If you are really brave you can take a razor to it and shave everything away. This should certainly help matters, but be careful with that razor !

If it’s a thicker looking penis you are researching then you may want to consider hyaluronic injections. These can instantly plump up the penis and without the need for any surgery. A thicker formulation of hyaluronic acid is used to help ensure the results last. Sometimes a topical anaesthetic is used first to make the treatment a bit more comfortable. Then up to eight syringes of filler are injected. Typically, it can produce around a half to one inch increase in thickness, which makes quite a difference on a typical penis.

How to thicken Penis

After the treatment the Surgeon may suggest that you massage the area to help smooth out the filler. One advantage of filler over surgery is that you can resume sexual activities after 48 hours. With surgical fat transfer it’s as long as four to six weeks.

The catch with dermal filler treatment is that over time the hyaluronic acid will begin to break down and typically somewhere between six and twelve months you will need a top up treatment to maintain the gains. However, because you are likely to have some dermal filler already remaining, the top treatments will require fewer syringes and therefore cost less than the first treatment.

Many men like the idea of thickening their penis with dermal filler because it does not interfere with their usual routine. With surgical fat transfer Patients have to take around one week off work whereas the filler means they can return to work immediately.

If you are unsure which procedure to go for, dermal filler or fat transfer, once option could be to try the dermal filler and see what you think afterwards. If you like the filler and it suits your lifestyle then you can continue. If however you decide that you want something more longer lasting, you could switch to a fat transfer procedure.

For many men it’s the fact that they don’t have a choice. This is because they don’t have enough body fat to do the surgical fat transfer. For them, the dermal filler is the only option. If you are a keen fitness fanatic then you will need a consultation to establish if you do have enough fat for a transfer.

One question that we are often asked is “ will my partner notice ?”

The answer is yes if your partner is a long-standing one , but new partners are unlikely to notice anything.

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