Mans Quest for a Larger Penis

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We see many men who want a bigger penis. Plenty of these men do not have what is scientifically considered a small one.

Mans quest for a larger penis

Yet, this doesn’t matter to them. They want a larger penis and that is enough to start them on a journey of discovery to enlarge it.

Talking to lots of men about penis size is quite an eye opener. It seems to me that unless a six is on the measuring tape, most are not happy.

The flaccid state of the penis is clearly the biggest source of worry for most. Changing rooms, first sexual encounter with a partner, these are the stuff of nightmares for men. Some men put off sex to the point where they have not had sex for many years all because they think their penis is too small.

Surgery improves the flaccid state but does not do much for the erect state that is unless it is combined with a thickening treatment such as fat transfer or dermal fillers.

Cosmetic surgery can make the flaccid state bigger but we make it clear to Patients that there is only so much we can do. Typically range increase in length is one to two inches. As our surgeon is quick to point out, the extra length is there already, it’s not magic.

It’s fair to say that the difference this surgery makes to a man’s life is incredible. Years of worry, and deprivation of a fulfilling sex life can disappear overnight.

In the United Kingdom there are only a handful of Surgeons performing penis enlargement surgery. This has been the case for as long as I can remember. Perhaps this is largely due to the fact that many surgeons do not recognise the procedure , or worse, they feel it is something which should not be performed at all. Of the surgeons that dedicate their time to this procedure we owe significant gratitude, because without them thousands of men in the UK would still be in a state of turmoil about their penis and many would be still buying lotions and potions from the internet that, in the main, promise the earth but deliver little or nothing.

It would perhaps help if there was more data available on the outcome of penis enlargement surgery. I am sure that there are surgeons across the world with very useful data about the procedure, which if it was all pulled together would be very revealing.

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Until then , we will continue to do our bit. This work is hugely rewarding and that is what matters most. Cosmetic surgery can be about changing lives and I think this procedure is one of the most life changing of them all

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