Why men worry about the size of their Penis

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Why are men so insecure about the size of their penis? Why do they worry if their penis is not big enough as they want it to be?

Worried about penis size?

These are some of the questions that a lot of men (and women) ask themselves. The general answer is simple: it has everything to do with sexual intercourse. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why men seem very insecure when it comes to their penis size.

Penetrative intercourse is what is referred to as “real sex”

The emphasis of intercourse is penetration; everything else is considered as foreplay when it comes to “real sex.” The biggest attention on penetrative action is the penis. Men want to have a bigger penis so that they can have great sex. Ask most women and they will tell you that a good size penis is one of the factors they consider when looking for a perfect match.

There’s too much hype about a big penis

Yes, go to any dating site; visit some porn sites and even some youth forums out there. One thing you will not miss to hear or see is something to do with a big penis on the part of men. Women are portrayed to like men with big penis, with some saying that they are thrilled with the “Big” size. This is called hype.

There’s a general preference for a penis with certain length and thickness

Size does matter, so do they say. The bigger a penis one has,  the better.  Look at ladies sitting at the beach soaking themselves in the sun; what do they look at in their fellow mates? You are right. The abs, and penis size, which is sometimes presumed to be clear through shorts. What’s more, when women visualise a man, some experts say that the one area they do not miss to visualise is the penis. They talk of it as if it is what a man is.

The debate about penetration and penis size is a never ending debate. However, most women agree that the bigger the penis, the better. Apart from that, they tend to relate masculinity with the manhood. Today, it is possible for men to make good lovers and stand out among other men thanks to penis surgery, which helps one get bigger muscles and increase their manhood in both thickness and length. Men who think that their penis is not big enough don’t have to worry anymore as they can have the issue sorted out by professionals and become a “man enough” as the society perceives.

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